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Friday, 12 January 2018

New year! New... not so much...

I'm going to go against the grain, and say I hate this New year new me gubbins. It just doesn't ring true for me. I'm the same person, if I want to make a change I've got 365 days in a year, and some of those days aren't grey and dismal and I don't have a houseful of chocolates and biscuits from my lovely Brownie parents, a wrist in plaster, and a general grump on because there's not enough daylight. So yes, no resolutions, no new me. 

And I do try to live a good life, to think of others to be kind and thoughtful - and like everyone, there's plenty of times I fail. That I need to say sorry, to try harder. Because like all of us I'm human, and innately flawed. But the 1st January isn't going to make me change and be better. A date can't do that. 

But look! A new blogpost... The first in months. Really as much as anything to say I'm still here, and still have things to say, recipes and pictures to share.

I think one of the things that stopped me in my tracks last year was attempting - and very consciously failing - at keeping up with other, bigger bloggers. I'd research photography backdrops, obsess over my inability to use Lightroom or Photoshop, worry about styling my photos. And you know what? To me, to my internet home, none of that matters. If you want to make one of my dairy free bakes, I hope you'll do so without needing a picture of it with a chalkboard or distressed floorboard as a backdrop. That you'll appreciate that sometimes a casserole is just, brown - and that if yours comes out brown, that's because mine wasn't filtered or edited. That if there's an orange dinosaur, chubby toddler fingers, or half a Brio set in the picture, that's because that's how we live our life as a family. That sometimes I just can't face running upstairs to get the DSLR which may or may not be charged, and on those days I'm going to snap a picture on the phone and post it on Instagram. Because, life with a toddler, as part of a family, doesn't lend itself to those things - and you know what? That's OK for me. And that's not to say anything at all against those lovely bloggers who manage to do those things, who are more organised than me, who's aesthetic is altogether more pulled together, who have a theme. That's right for them. For me, I think my blog, my space, is much like the world - largely chaotic, with moments of peace, organisation and control. But those moments - that whilst huge blessings, are fleeting. 

So please - read on, enjoy the joyful blessings of a life full of love and chaos. Of crochet and cake. Of coffee and something else that alliterates. Of me. Of recipes I love, that are (usually) safe for Harry to eat. Of tales of family life, nursery life. And join in. Say Hi! Here, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Meal Planning Tuesday: 2nd January 2016

A new year. A new sense of vigour in the meal plans? Well, a bit. This week for us is a bit of a transition one - we had our Christmas on the 28th so are still clearing leftovers, but as you'll note at the end of the week, we're hitting our stride with some lighter food, punchier flavours and more than a nod to Vegan-uary. 

I'll be talking more about self-care and food later this week, as I'm trying to change my relationship with something that is so fundamental in my life not just as a fuel, but in my writing too. So instead of joining the queue at Slimming World or Weight Watchers, I'm going to be trying to think myself slimmer. But as I say, more to come later this week. 

We've had a few issues allergy wise over December - having eliminated suspect allergens beef and sesame, we had a much more settled time, until someone mugged another toddler for their biscuit. In the Wendy house at crèche. Great! That reaction seems to have passed, but as it does each time Harry goes through a big reaction, he's limited the foods he'll eat. It's a little like a food aversion - the vomitting, upset stomach and acid from the reflux make him so uncomfortable, in a way to control that he will pretty much only happily eat a very small selection of foods. As the reaction passes, he widens his choices again. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd doubt a toddler could do that. But he does. 

Anyway, without further ado, on to the Meal Plan: 

Breakfasts: Porridge. All the porridge! With lots of fruit added for me. 

Lunches: Soup. All the soup. I've made some turkey soup, and have frozen all but what we need today - and then I'll make a batch of carrot and lentil soup this afternoon, but I'm procrastinating right now. 


Monday: Leftover Turkey, mushroom and leek pie with braised red cabbage and baked potatoes

Tuesday: A dear friend has offered to babysit Harry so that M and I can have our first date night since July which is a huge blessing as we've really missed time together. 

Wednesday: Spaghetti, tomato sauce and meatballs

Friday: Leftover curry

Saturday: Gammon, egg, potato wedges and peas 

Sunday: Freezer surprise, I know there's some smoked haddock in there for Harry and I, but I suspect M will have some of the portioned off chilli that's languishing. 

We've not even cut into the Christmas cake yet, so don't need any baking this week! 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

2017: A fresh page in the planner of life. Time to start anew, to throw back the curtains and holler "Here I am!" Or perhaps, like me, you take a peek, make a list of things to do, before cautiously and carefully welcoming the New Year in. 

I know that lots of people will be writing the ubiquitous 'New Year. New you' posts, or those waxing lyrical about detoxes and diets. I'm afraid you won't find that here. Not least because isn't January the worst time to try to change anything and everything about yourself? It's cold, wet, dark and grim, the odd glorious winter morning overshadowed by the need for thermals, waterproofs and everything in between. I find myself more inclined to start changes in those early days of spring, punctuated by daffodils and brighter days.

Whatever mood you're in, however you're approaching 2017, or how life finds you today - here at Penelope's Pantry I wish you a Happy, Prosperous and joy filled New Year. 

Personally, I favour New Year attired in purple penguin pjs with a glass of prosecco, and possibly a board game or two. However, and with whomsoever you celebrate, enjoy. 

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's going to be a Happy new year

Image from here - a lovely card site

Seeing as I totally missed the boat with Christmas this year, I thought I'd turn over my new leaf a little early and get something up for New Year.

2013 has been an amazing year on the blog and life in general. M and I had a tough start to the year, but together we battled through it and for me both he and this blog truly were lifelines. Thingsto hold on to and treasure, that evidence that I'm good at writing and cooking (even if my photography leaves something to be desired) and am loveable.

Then as summer arrived, reaching unexpected heights we visited River Cottage and I learned how to make bread wonderfully. We paddled, made sandcastles and ate fish and chips out of paper on the seafront, all the while fielding calls from surveyors, building societies and solicitors. It was all worth it though as in September we moved into our first home. I say first but I have no intention of moving again ever.

That month heralded another surprise as we got engaged, something which was wonderful and unexpected. A proposal in our empty, scarily run down yet wonderfully hopeful new home was perfect and although it's not changed our relationship as such - has certainly given us much to look forward to.

I've achieved a lot this year - my sourdough is steadily becoming better and better, I can run 4km relatively easily, I've learned to say no to things I can't take on and importantly to ask for help when I'm anxious and fearful.

Truly I don't know what 2014 has in store - well, I know some of the things - a Spring wedding for starters. I hope that I can continue to meet new challenges with drive and determination, and that as our family begins it's formal journey we do so together.

Blogwise I don't know where 2014 will take me - I want to write more, write better and develop my photography skills. I'd like to develop and increase my readership and hopefully see where the future takes me.

A Happy New Year to you from Penelope's Pantry, I hope 2013 has been kind to you and that 2014 will be wonderful also.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolution revolution

I'm never sure about resolutions - in my life I have a promise that I have made and adhere too, a set of moral and ethical beliefs that I also try to adhere to. Generally I try to be a good person, but I can always be better. 

Sometimes it feels like we set New Years Resolutions in a flurry of good intentions, but don't put the support in place to enable ourselves to achieve our goals. Before you declare that you're not going to eat anything except kale until Easter, or that you'll go to the gym for 3 hours a day, just think about what you want - and what's a sensible, achievable way to get that. 

This year, I have things I am working towards - they're not new because yesterday was the first of January, but it seems a good time to formalise them: 

  • To continue on my Couch to 5km programme - as slowly as I need to. 
  • To cook and blog 3-4 new recipes a month
  • Once the Christmas cakes and biscuits are finished up, to return to my no-buy policy of sweet things and only bake them. 
  • To have one evening or day a week where I turn off the laptop and all social media to spend proper time with M
  • To continue to volunteer with GirlGuiding UK

Sunday, 4 January 2009

December 24th, 9pm, Eastern Standard time

From here on in I shoot (well, write really) without a script... see if anything comes of it

Well, that's when I started this post (give or take a few hours anyways) and I've only just got around to finishing it. Sincere apologies. My bad and all that. The lack of posts has once again been down to my shocking ill health, and a new meds regime that have left me sans appetite once again. However, the festive period has forced me to get back into eating (as even I can't ignore a Christmas dinner) so I wanted to celebrate that with a post and also send the few readers that haven't abandoned me in these post-less 8 weeks best wishes for a happy, healthy and foodie 2009.

I do have some posts lined up to go over the next few days, but in the meantime, do amuse yourselves with pictures of my little sister's Christmas cake. In contrast to my attempt at classy white on white last year, she went for the infinitely cuter skiing penguins (inspired by an issue of the Sainsbury's magazine I believe)


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