About Me

I'm Penelope, so firstly I should say welcome to my pantry.

This blog is primarily a space to share my love of cooking and baking, to try out new ideas and to share old favourites. For me, cooking is the ultimate in relaxation, in nurturing both myself and others. I am never happier than when pottering in my kitchen making food for those I love.

Whether I'm trying something new, or digging out something my grandma neatly typed up on a piece of paper (Coronation Chicken I'm looking at you) I'll always try to give you the source of my recipe, backlinking to a site, or typing it out so that you can try what I try. I'll also annotate recipes, normally in italics, where I've tweaked, made changes or just had throughts about the composition of a particular recipe.

All of that said, I'm not a professional so please bear that in mind. I love what I do and I cook and bake what I love for who I love. Please let me know if you have any questions, find any errors or have any feedback. I love to hear from readers, whether you're a regular or passing by as the result of a Google search. I try to answer all comments.

I do have two other passions, Guiding and Disability Awareness and will occaisionally post about these subjects, both from an personal perspective.  Please read, give yourself permission to be surprised, or not and again if you have any questions - do ask.

My views are not representative of GirlGuiding UK, they are my own.


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