Friday, 12 January 2018

New year! New... not so much...

I'm going to go against the grain, and say I hate this New year new me gubbins. It just doesn't ring true for me. I'm the same person, if I want to make a change I've got 365 days in a year, and some of those days aren't grey and dismal and I don't have a houseful of chocolates and biscuits from my lovely Brownie parents, a wrist in plaster, and a general grump on because there's not enough daylight. So yes, no resolutions, no new me. 

And I do try to live a good life, to think of others to be kind and thoughtful - and like everyone, there's plenty of times I fail. That I need to say sorry, to try harder. Because like all of us I'm human, and innately flawed. But the 1st January isn't going to make me change and be better. A date can't do that. 

But look! A new blogpost... The first in months. Really as much as anything to say I'm still here, and still have things to say, recipes and pictures to share.

I think one of the things that stopped me in my tracks last year was attempting - and very consciously failing - at keeping up with other, bigger bloggers. I'd research photography backdrops, obsess over my inability to use Lightroom or Photoshop, worry about styling my photos. And you know what? To me, to my internet home, none of that matters. If you want to make one of my dairy free bakes, I hope you'll do so without needing a picture of it with a chalkboard or distressed floorboard as a backdrop. That you'll appreciate that sometimes a casserole is just, brown - and that if yours comes out brown, that's because mine wasn't filtered or edited. That if there's an orange dinosaur, chubby toddler fingers, or half a Brio set in the picture, that's because that's how we live our life as a family. That sometimes I just can't face running upstairs to get the DSLR which may or may not be charged, and on those days I'm going to snap a picture on the phone and post it on Instagram. Because, life with a toddler, as part of a family, doesn't lend itself to those things - and you know what? That's OK for me. And that's not to say anything at all against those lovely bloggers who manage to do those things, who are more organised than me, who's aesthetic is altogether more pulled together, who have a theme. That's right for them. For me, I think my blog, my space, is much like the world - largely chaotic, with moments of peace, organisation and control. But those moments - that whilst huge blessings, are fleeting. 

So please - read on, enjoy the joyful blessings of a life full of love and chaos. Of crochet and cake. Of coffee and something else that alliterates. Of me. Of recipes I love, that are (usually) safe for Harry to eat. Of tales of family life, nursery life. And join in. Say Hi! Here, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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