Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Meal Planning Monday on Tuesday: 7th March

Yes, I know. I know! Oddly enough I wrote the meal plan on Friday, but completely blanked on actually blogging it until today. 

Another busy week, with the sun making an appearance to brighten our days (if not yet warming us up). 

In a shocking change to proceedings I actually don't have sausage hotpot on the meal plan this week - thanks to the lovely root veg selection of Aldi's Super 6 this week, it's been replaced by another comforting favourite: Super slow roast brisket. 

Breakfasts - I keep sayng I'm going to have porridge and then having crumpets and marmite instead. So this week I'm beng upfront and planning to have crumpets in the hope that in a typically contrary fashion, I'll have porridge.

Lunches - it's been a ham sandwich kind of time these last few weeks, but I'm going to try to get around to defrosting a lovely carrot soup I made and froze recently. 


Monday: My cheat's Pasta puttanesca

Tuesday: Leftover brisket cottage pie

Wednesday: Leftover leftovers

Thursday: Gammon, slimming world chips, peas and sweetcorn

Friday: Was gong to be Emergency pizza night, but I've just noticed that I picked up a pizza that's gone out of date already. I must remember to wear my glasses when I go shopping. 

Saturday: I have a piece of Christmas gammon nestled in the freezer so I think I'll defrost that for a ham in coca cola. 

Sunday: Leftover gammon. Hurrah! 

As always that's our week, what does yours look like? If you're in need of some inspiration, why not pop on over to some of our meal planners? 


MichelleTwinMum said...

I love the idea that you will say you'll have crumpets for breakfast so that you might have porridge and I also want to try that gammon in diet coke, I keep hearing amazing things about it and I must put it in my meal plan! Mich x

Kerry Schultz said...

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