Monday, 27 February 2017

Meal Planning Monday: 27th February

How on earth did that come around so soon? Last week's meal plan was a bit of a disaster, the meat we bought from Aldi was (despite being well in date)off, disgustingly so - as was, randomly a butternut squash. Necessity being the mother of invention; the Squash and Spring green curry ended up being Sweet potato and Spring green curry, and Shepherdess pie (a vegan Shepherd's pie) made it's first ever appearance. Both were warmly received and will definitely be reappearing on the meal plan and (if I can ever work out how to make a brown meal even vaguely attractive in a photo) on the blog.

My attention was caught last week by recommendations that you should aim for 10 portions of fruit and veg a day. Even I feel a bit daunted by that, but am going to make a real effort to see how many portions I can realistically - bearing in mind our budget - a day. Once more I shall bemoan the fact that the staff in our local Asda are convinced their wonky veg boxes don't exist and be grateful for Aldi's Super 6.

This week then... As normal a week as it ever gets here in the Pantry. Of course it's Shrove Tuesday this week so we'll be flipping our pancakes this week. However, Pancake day, as always, is a Guides night so I'll be pancaking with them. Harry is convinced he loves pancakes, asking for them often, but when made, rarely goes near them, so we'll see.

Breakfasts: Porridge for me, topped with banana

Lunches: Tomato soup


Monday - Sausage casserole, with steamed Spring Greens. I keep making this and find it impossple to photograph. I may just put the recipe up instead.

Tuesday - Leftovers with extra veggies agan.

Wednesday - Pasta and meatballs, using my hidden veg tomato sauce

Thursday - Leftovers baked with cheese on top

Friday - Freezer surprise

Saturday - Gammon, egg, chips and veggies

Sunday - All hail the fact that next week's Super 6 at Aldi means I can justify my Super slow roast brisket

I've got no baking planned for the first half of the week as we did bake some blueberry muffins and an Apricot and cherry banana bread over the weekend. Both decidedly light on blueberries and apricots due to my helper.

As always, do pop around our Meal Planning Monday blog hop in case you're in need of some inspiration!

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