Monday, 2 January 2017

Meal Planning Tuesday: 2nd January 2016

A new year. A new sense of vigour in the meal plans? Well, a bit. This week for us is a bit of a transition one - we had our Christmas on the 28th so are still clearing leftovers, but as you'll note at the end of the week, we're hitting our stride with some lighter food, punchier flavours and more than a nod to Vegan-uary. 

I'll be talking more about self-care and food later this week, as I'm trying to change my relationship with something that is so fundamental in my life not just as a fuel, but in my writing too. So instead of joining the queue at Slimming World or Weight Watchers, I'm going to be trying to think myself slimmer. But as I say, more to come later this week. 

We've had a few issues allergy wise over December - having eliminated suspect allergens beef and sesame, we had a much more settled time, until someone mugged another toddler for their biscuit. In the Wendy house at crèche. Great! That reaction seems to have passed, but as it does each time Harry goes through a big reaction, he's limited the foods he'll eat. It's a little like a food aversion - the vomitting, upset stomach and acid from the reflux make him so uncomfortable, in a way to control that he will pretty much only happily eat a very small selection of foods. As the reaction passes, he widens his choices again. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd doubt a toddler could do that. But he does. 

Anyway, without further ado, on to the Meal Plan: 

Breakfasts: Porridge. All the porridge! With lots of fruit added for me. 

Lunches: Soup. All the soup. I've made some turkey soup, and have frozen all but what we need today - and then I'll make a batch of carrot and lentil soup this afternoon, but I'm procrastinating right now. 


Monday: Leftover Turkey, mushroom and leek pie with braised red cabbage and baked potatoes

Tuesday: A dear friend has offered to babysit Harry so that M and I can have our first date night since July which is a huge blessing as we've really missed time together. 

Wednesday: Spaghetti, tomato sauce and meatballs

Friday: Leftover curry

Saturday: Gammon, egg, potato wedges and peas 

Sunday: Freezer surprise, I know there's some smoked haddock in there for Harry and I, but I suspect M will have some of the portioned off chilli that's languishing. 

We've not even cut into the Christmas cake yet, so don't need any baking this week! 


Ryan Leschen said...

Few issues sensitivity shrewd over December - having disposed of suspect allergens meat and sesame, we had a significantly more settled time, until somebody robbed another baby for their bread. In the Wendy house at crèche. Awesome! That response appears to have passed, however as it does every time Harry experiences a major response, he's constrained the nourishments he'll eat. It's similar to a nourishment repugnance - the vomitting, annoyed stomach and corrosive from the reflux make him so awkward, in an approach to control that he will essentially just joyfully eat a little determination of sustenances. As the response passes, he broadens his decisions once more. In the event that I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd question a baby could do that. Be that as it may, he does.

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