Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

2017: A fresh page in the planner of life. Time to start anew, to throw back the curtains and holler "Here I am!" Or perhaps, like me, you take a peek, make a list of things to do, before cautiously and carefully welcoming the New Year in. 

I know that lots of people will be writing the ubiquitous 'New Year. New you' posts, or those waxing lyrical about detoxes and diets. I'm afraid you won't find that here. Not least because isn't January the worst time to try to change anything and everything about yourself? It's cold, wet, dark and grim, the odd glorious winter morning overshadowed by the need for thermals, waterproofs and everything in between. I find myself more inclined to start changes in those early days of spring, punctuated by daffodils and brighter days.

Whatever mood you're in, however you're approaching 2017, or how life finds you today - here at Penelope's Pantry I wish you a Happy, Prosperous and joy filled New Year. 

Personally, I favour New Year attired in purple penguin pjs with a glass of prosecco, and possibly a board game or two. However, and with whomsoever you celebrate, enjoy. 

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