Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Meal planning Tuesday: 29th November

As you can probably tell, things around here have been a little quiet of late, sadly due to nothing more exciting than teeth. Since August I've had a grand total of about three weeks without antibiotics or dental treatment, culminating recently in an abscess - which is as grim as it sounds. However, I've since been referred to the hospital, so aside from looking somewhat like a demented hamster, I'm hoping things are on the up.

We've just had Advent Sunday, so I think I'm safe to use the C word around here now. Like so many people, Christmas is a family time for us - we'll be seeing all parentals, and spending time with both my brother and my sister and her family. This does mean I need to get a wriggle on, so my Bullet journal and planner(post to come) are working overtime with lists, lists of lists, colour coded lists of lists of lists etc... I made the Christmas puddings last weekend, and Harry and I are going to bake the Christmas cake this week some time. Then it's going to be time for my Get-Ahead Christmas.

Despite my blog absence, I've managed to maintain more of a presence on Instagram and will have lots of posts coming up there in the days and weeks to come. Do make sure you're following, if for nothing else than my impressive mug and tea collection.

Meal plans have been a bit more flexible here of late, as life on antibiotics does seem to render me exhausted by about 6pm and feeling wildly sick much of the rest of the time. Much pizza has been eaten.

Breakfasts - Harry and I are both enjoying shreddies with warm milk (oat for him, almond for me) Cereal with warm milk is a real throwback to growing up for me and is incredibly cheering
on these frosty mornings.

Lunches - I've actually taken a leaf out of M's book and am trying to remember to have leftovers for lunch. Normally at this time of year I eat a lot of soup, but I just don't feel inspired by it at the moment, so in order to save me from the dullness of sandwiches, leftovers it is.


Monday: Pantry pasta with garlic bread

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Gammon, sweet potato chips, peas, carrots and sweetcorn

Thursday: Bolognaise pasta bake

Friday: Leftover bolognaise with baked potatoes

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner

Sunday: Butternut squash, chicken and barley casserole

Baking wise it's just the Christmas cake on the agenda.

As always, here are our other meal planners - don't forget to pop on over and have a read.

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