Sunday, 6 November 2016

Meal Planning Monday: 7th November 2016

I caved this weekend, the heating's on and I'm not sorry. We've had a lovely time with family but are looking forward to a nice quiet week - I say this, secure in the knowledge that between Yoga, Brownies, Guides, a DBS I need to do and the food shop - there's about 20 minutes on Wednesday currently unaccounted for.

Breakfasts - I'm going to have a bash at Jamie Oliver's Chocolate porridge that was on the Superfoods programme on Friday. It looked lovely and I suspect the toddler would adore it!

Lunches - I'm using up the last of our pumpkin with a batch of pumpkin soup this week. I'm deliberately veering away from my usual Root vegetable soup Last week Harry and I made a couple of batches of an invented Spelt, rye and oat soda bread - obviously a dairy free recipe, but it was wonderful slathered in some butter (leftover from the Guide's baking) and eaten hidden from view with one's head in the fridge.


Monday: Heck sausages, baked potatoes and lots of veggies

Tuesday: Butternut squash and kale curry with rice

Wednesday: Gammon and egg, with Slimming World chips and veggies

Thursday: Shepherd's pie with swede, carrot and parsnip top and extra veggies on the side

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Parsnip pasta

Sunday: Breakfast for tea

I've got no plans baking wise this week - although I do have the ingredients for Apricot and Cherry banana bread so all is not lost. And next weekend I finally need to make the Christmas pudding and cake. I'm so disorganised this year!

As always, the Meal Planning Monday linky is below, so do pop around and see what all the other planners are up to.

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