Monday, 17 October 2016

Meal Planning Monday: 17th October 2016

Again? So soon? How? Just how? It really does feel like I was tapping away at this just yesterday. And nobody mention Christmas. Just don't.

Autumn has most definitely made itself known around these parts - M even checked the heating was working the other day. It's not on yet, but we're primed and ready. The meal plan has swiftly responded those changes with soup already featuring.

Breakfasts generally feature nothing special at the moment. Some significant med changes mean I'm finding it takes much longer to get going in the mornings and so unless I'm organised enough to make overnight oats, Aldi's own take on shreddies is as fancy as it gets.

Lunches are unsurprisingly, given the turn in the weather, quite frequently soup based. I've got the second half of a batch roast tomato and garlic in the freezer. It was a wonderful way to use up the end of our lovely homegrown tomato harvest. I've just been sent a really super recipe book entitled I Love Soup which looks like it'll be keeping my Ikea 365 soup pan in business and doubtlessly featuring on here in the months to come.


Monday - Breakfast for dinner: Bacon medallions, scrambled eggs, baked beans, mushrooms and hash browns

Tuesday - Vegetable dhal and brown rice

Wednesday - Leftover dhal with homemade flatbreads

Thursday - Chicken kiev, chips and veggies

Friday - Courgetti Spaghetti

Saturday - Pizza night

Sunday - Parsnip pasta

No baking is planned - well, aside from a potential batch of Cherry and almond buns anyway!

Have a lovely week, and as always don't forget to have a look at what the other meal planners are up to.

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