Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Kitchen gadgets - my thoughts...

With so much innovation in and around the kitchen these days, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the choice - high speed blenders for smoothies, juicers for... juice, fancy pants all in one machines that cost a quarter of my monthly mortgage payment... I could go on. Now, I know I'm an exception when it comes to kitchen gadgets, in that I use mine regularly. Part of the trick to that (I think) is that none of them are tucked away in a cupboard.

My beloved kMix lives on the fridge and is used for all our baking exploits as you can see above - most recently M's Funfetti birthday cake ably assisted by my helper.

Similarly my much battered Kenwood food processor lives on the shelf below our microwave and is used at least twice a week. It makes such short work of prepping veggies for dishes like my Tomato, veg and lentil pasta sauce or our new favourite Mexican Rice Bowls

My bread maker is being used much less at the moment (damn you Slimming world and your anti-breadness) but is a Godsend in this heat. I can pop the ingredients for a loaf in overnight and wake up to allergy friendly, fresh bread in the morning.

I've toyed with buying other gadgets; the blender that came with my food processor isn't watertight so is no good for smoothies (I tend to use a stick blender and stick to fruit avoid the slightly more taxing green smoothies), and a spiraliser go in and out of my Lakeland basket so often it looks like they're on Strictly.

And then we come to juicers - I've dithered over a juicer for a few years now. Often prompted by an afternoon perusing the Lakeland catalogue I think of the wonders I could knock up with end of the week fruit - or just with the half punnet of this, that or the other that Harry has decided he no longer likes at all, having previously inhaled them at light speed. Yes, blueberries I'm looking at you. However I've never got as far as committing to a purchase - I quite like the look of the Panasonic juicers swayed in part by 'easy to clean' in the description.

On sweltering days like today I'm especially rueing my dithery nature as I battle to get Harry to drink any fluids - something tells me a drop of fresh juice in his water bottle would help much more than my futile attempts at bribery with grapes, attempts at playing cheers (which annoying always works for Daddy). We've always avoided anything akin to squash or baby juice, but as the thermometer tips 30 degrees and my anxiety about a dehydrated bubba does the same  (Oh how I miss breastfeeding on days like today) some freshly pressed juice in some chilly water might be just the ticket.

What are your favourite kitchen gadgets? Do you have a juicer? What are your experiences?

This post has been sponsored by Panasonic, all content and views are my own

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