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Meal Planning Monday: Monday 30th May

Well last week was the best ever on the blog - my post on breastfeeding really resonated with readers and I was and am so happy about that. This week is (as always it seems) a busy one - Harry turns 2 next weekend so it's all go.

I rejoined Slimming World last week, and haven't had the best week but have made a concerted effort with my meals and haven't had ANY chocolate which is a huge achievement. I've still eaten biscuits but will do without those this week.

Breakfasts: Harry as always loved the baked porridge so I'll be doing another batch of that. I simply make it up on a Sunday night, roughly to this recipe - last week I added apple, sultanas and a pinch of cinnamon. This week I think I'll so the same.

Lunches: I've been having smoked salmon with either a salad or a couscous salad. I always have lots of cherry tomatoes (my pregnancy craving has never really left me), and am enjoying Aldi's sweet bite peppers too.


Monday: Tomato, lentil and veg sauce with what I've learned are called 'boodles' - Spiralised butternut squash. I'm sure I'm the only food blogger not to have a spiraliser and so discovered these on a trundle around Sainsburys. I also picked up the courgette ones which I had last week with this sauce. Harry and M have this with pasta.

Tuesday: Heck sausages (which are dairy and soya free so Harry will have one too) with baked potatoes, and veggies. This week Aldi had green beans on offer so we've got those and I'll probably do some peas and sweetcorn too.

Wednesday: I think we'll have pizza night, with sweet potato wedges and salad for me.

I recently made Harry a dairy free, puff pastry pizza that I'll blog soon as he loves it. It uses Jus-rol puff pastry which is (possibly accidentally) dairy and soya free, with topped with the sauce from Mondays' dinner, pureed down so it's like a pizza tomato sauce, topped with Violife cheese. I portioned it off and froze the portions separated with squares of greaseproof paper and it defrosts beautifully - I simply reheat it in the oven for 5 minutes at about 200 degrees fan.

Thursday: Courgetti Spaghetti Harry has this with the courgettes, grated Violife, and a couple of dessert spoonfuls of Oatly cream. I leave out the pine nuts for him as I'm not convinced they're not a choking hazard.  I'm going to use up the other half of the packed of Boodles (that name makes me smile - go Sainsburys!)

Friday: We have my inlaws visiting for Harry's birthday weekend so I'm going to do us baked salmon with Lucy's Halloumi and Sweet potato bake that I trialled the other week. It was lovely, full of flavour and super fresh. Harry adores salmon but he'll have it with sweet potato wedges and some peas as he's a huge fan of peas. 

Saturday: We've got a family BBQ at church in the afternoon, so I'll wing it a bit(!) and see what, if anything everyone wants when we get home.  I'll take Harry a packed tea as I can't guarantee there will be safe food for him and I don't want to put anyone to any trouble. 

Sunday: We're having a little tea party/ picnic for Harry so I'll be doing my standard buffet fare - a roast chicken, Ham in coca-cola, French bread, salad and cake. Aside from the bread all is Harry friendly and I'll butter him some of our favourite Waitrose essential brown bread which is dairy and soya free. Please don't EVER change the recipe Waitrose.

That's our week - as always, don't forget to hop on over to At Home with Mrs M to see the other people joining in the linky 

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bethany said...

Your recipe ideas have made me feel sane again really struggled for ideas for my little one with dairy and soya allergy! Xx


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