Sunday, 17 April 2016

Growing together with Ikea: terrariums and toddlers

Disclosure: I'm an Ikea Lagom Ambassador

This weekend we went over to Ikea for a Lagom project update. It was really interesting hearing how everyone was incorporating the Lagom ethos into their lives, and how it was benefiting them. I popped our three month update up last weekend, and this was really what I went through at our get together. 

One of the areas that the Live Lagom project aims to encourage is growing your own - and as a kind of aside to this, we had a go at planting a terrarium at our workshop. It was a family session so Harry got involved too, and I thought you might like to see our progress. We followed these instructions from the Ikea website and it really was so easy, even a toddler could join in! 

Harry and I have since had a go at planting up some chilli and coriander seeds. He loved getting mucky and I'm really excited to be growing some new plants. They're currently (hopefully) out of reach of little fingers on a sunny window sill.


Becky at PinksCharming said...

Ah this look so cool! X

Emmyw said...

I can't wait til we move and have more space t grow. Looks like you and Harry had great fun!

Kavey said...

Growing your own is such a joy. Not just inside but if you have any outdoor space, for fruit and veg, it's a joy. It's also a far cheaper way of getting exercise than a gym plus you have all the delicious fruit (and veg) of your labour to show for it!


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