Monday, 4 January 2016

Meal planning Monday: Week 1, 2016

Happy new year! I've had a lovely break over Christmas and the New Year - we had M at home and a lovely family time, with my sister as well as both sets of parents. It's back to business as usual today with weigh in at Slimming World for me and a bundled up trip to the swings for Harry.

I think it's safe to say I fell off the Slimming World wagon over Christmas - my mother-in-law is wonderful for finding allergy friendly treats for me, and she even went to the trouble to make me dairy free brandy butter which was amazing. It would have been rude not to heavily sample everything! This does mean a 2lb gain last week and so I'm back with my Food optimising as of this morning.

Breakfasts: I've been reading Oh She glows and am going to try being a bit more inventive with my porridge from now on. This morning we had her apple pie oatmeal which was lovely, although Harry reacted to something in it and Piriton has had to be located and administered. He's had nearly all the component parts before so I'm thinking it's either the chia seeds or a bigger amount of cinnamon. Truth be told I'm not sure. The irony being of course that he adored it.

Lunches: In a shocking turn of events, I've not made any soup this week. so that will need to happen. I think I'll do a carrot, chilli and red lentil concoction. Syn free with lots of goodness in there, and the lentils will make it lovely and filling.


Monday: Tomato, veg and red lentil pasta. It's a pack holiday favourite - I make it in massive quantities and our Brownies go loopy for it (heavily doused in cheese). I just really fancied it so will knock that up while Harry's napping this afternoon.

Tuesday: Leftover pasta

Wednesday: Chilli con carne with rice and kale for me. Just rice for M

Thursday: Leftovers in a burrito for M, with rice for me

Friday: Schnitzel, Slimming world chips and veggies

Saturday: Casserole of some description. Possibly beef

Sunday: Leftovers with baked potatoes and green veggies

That's our week - we'll use the slow cooker for the chilli, and casserole to make life easier. And there should be lots of leftovers to stock up the freezer with some quick and easy suppers.

Right, bubba is up from his nap and we need to get off to this weigh in. Wish me luck and enjoy your weeks.


Kirsty Hijacked By Twins said...

I completely forgot the diet and healthy eating over Christmas and I can tell! As of today I am back on it! Your meal plan sounds lovely. Hope you have a great week x

DaisiesandPie UK said...

That sounds a lovely and very healthy week :)

Seren said...

Hope the weigh in went well and have a delicious week! x

Amy said...

2lb over Christmas seems a relatively small gain so well done for that, and I'm sure you'll have it shifted in no time. Your soup sounds lovely, and the pasta with veg, tomato and lentils sounds really tasty (and pretty healthy too!)

Ali said...

2lb gain is nothing over christmas! I would be proud of that! I love the sound of that pasta, do you have a recipe?

Mrs M said...

Christmas is not a time for diets! It's a time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. The other 51 weeks of the year are for worrying about healthy eating! I like the sound of the pasta - yum! Thanks for joining in x


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