Monday, 2 November 2015

Blog Every Day November #BEDN Day two: Love Mondays

Blog Every Day November. #BEDN Does what it says on the tin. I'm going to be using it in a bid to focus on my writing and photography a bit more. I signed up as a bit of a whim, yesterday - hence there's no post for Day 1. And so, today finds me full of cold, snuggled under my crochet blanket, catching up on Saturday's Strictly whilst the bubba naps. I'm not sure yet where #BEDN will take me, but I'll be posting in the evenings with normal posts going up at 7am as always. 

Today's prompt is Love Mondays - Do I? Do you? Does anyone? Mondays for me are a busy day. Harry has Groovers and Shakers in the morning. It's a baby music class run by our local Children's Centre. The babies have shakers, castanets, bells, drums and even ukuleles once! We sing, play our instruments and the little ones generally go a little bit wild for 45 minutes. It's a really lovely, friendly group and is close enough to home that it still fits with Harry's morning nap - albeit by the skin of our teeth most weeks.

Then we go to Slimming World - I'm slowly losing weight again after coming to a complete standstill over the summer, but I do feel like I need a real boost. I'd like to be at target by Christmas, but it looks like it'll be a bit longer - but I do need to stay focussed. 

The rest of the day tends to be quieter, involving a food shop, afternoon nap and catching up on any work that needs doing be it in the house, or to do with the blog. 

But do I love my Mondays? Well, yes I think I do - I certainly don't have that Sunday night-itis I used to have when I worked. That feeling of dread that would come on during the 'long dark tea-time of the soul' is no more and I know that even on the most difficult days I'm spending my time with someone I wholeheartedly adore. The work is far harder than even the most tricky report for CQC and yet I have a smile on my face. The pay is lower than even my first Saturday job at Mark one and despite the leaky shoes I'm richer in so many ways. 

So that's my first post for #BEDN - Love Mondays? Why yes, I do 

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