Monday, 12 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Another Monday, another meal plan. Today is a busy one - baby music, then Slimming World then an afternoon of errands, and painting.

Last week we stuck to the meal plan well - just running out of potatoes and the emergency stash of oven chips at the same time meant M doing a dash to the chip shop on Friday. However, I won our weekly raffle this morning at Slimming World so we're well stocked up on veggies now. I'd never won before, I'm dead chuffed!

Hopefully M won't be working away this week but the plan is flexible enough to accommodate his work schedule hopefully.

Breakfasts - still porridge for me this week. Sadly no figs on special in Aldi so it's just apple and plums as topping but with some cinnamon that'll be lovely.

Lunches - Harry's napping so I'm about to take advantage and make some dairy free pesto with broccoli and broad beans for me.


Monday: I made my Super slow roast brisket on Saturday - so am using the leftovers from that to make a speedy chilli con carne tonight (in Slimming World terms, speedy means stuffed full of lots of veggies) with greens and rice.

Tuesday: Leftover chilli and rice for me - in burrito wraps for M

Wednesday: Butternut squash and bacon pasta

Thursday: Leftover pasta

Friday: Gammon, homemade Slimming World friendly chips, and veggies

We've got no plans set in stone next weekend, so I was thinking about doing a roast and a casserole. Perhaps my chicken and butternut squash casserole and maybe some slow roast pork - let's see what's on offer.

Baking wise, I made Harry the Sweet potato stars last week which he loved and also hacked another Betty Crocker cake mix for a dairy and egg free Cream soda cherry cake - of which I've already given a fair amount away as we had a visit from another dairy free person - and if there's an almost universal rule, it's that dairy free people don't have enough cake in their lives.

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