Monday, 5 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday

This week starts with a busy one - doctors for Harry, our baby music class and Slimming World all before midday this morning! I'm trying to get ahead with a planning and scheduling session whilst M watches the new Dangermouse episodes on iPlayer.

Last week was glorious wasn't it? All that beautiful autumn sunshine - we had lots of walks in the fresh air and enjoyed what I suspect (looking at the forecast) was the last of the summer until next year.

Breakfasts have been Almond milk porridge with apple and figs which I am really enjoying. Although it uses my Healthy Extra A & B (Slimming world terminology for healthy calcium rich and fibre rich food) at breakfast, it really does fill me up.

Lunches: this week are going to be my Minestrone soup once I've picked up some baby pasta shapes tomorrow that is.

Suppers: we had a roast chicken tonight so start the week off with leftovers happily in the fridge

Monday -  Leftover roast chicken, baked potatoes & veggies

Tuesday - I'll be making a leftover roast chicken curry for the freezer, but eating a Stir fry with salmon, lots of veggies and rice noodles.

Wednesday - Leftover stir fry

Thursday - Heck's dairy free Chorizo style sausages, with roast veggies and sweet potatoes

Friday - Schnitzel, chips, peas and sweetcorn

Saturday - I'm at the Kitting & stitching show for the day, so will want something quick and easy when I get home. Hopefully I'll be able to pop the brisket I have stashed in the freezer into the slow cooker first thing.

Sunday - Leftover Super slow cooked brisket

Baking: Last week I made a double batch of Dairy and egg free chocolate cupcakes, which we have stashed in a cake tin (and I'm trying to forget they're there) I also made a dairy free apple and plum crumble with the last of the apples from the garden.

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Mrs Shilts said...

Sounds like a fab week of meals planned. I love the HECK sausages, they're so delicious and low in win!

Have a great week :)

Pushing the Moon said...

Minestrone soup for lunches sounds great! I often get stuck for what to eat for lunch so I should start making a big batch of soup at the start of the week to see me through. #mealplanningmonday


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