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Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels - a dairy free, baby led weaning recipe

Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels - a dairy free, baby led weaning recipe

Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels are such a quick and easy dairy free lunch for a weaning baby. Harry loves them - despite a streaming cold that's seen him off his food entirely he ate two today. Even I've managed a couple *cough*

Before any CMPA mummies panic - this isn't home made puff pastry (outside of the Bake Off tent who makes their own on a regular basis really? No need to wade in and tell me you do). Jus Rol is definitely dairy free - although as M will tell you I read the packet about 17 times and made him do the same. I haven't checked supermarket own brands yet, but will do.

Regular Violife in the block doesn't melt as such unless it's sandwiched between things - so these are ideal as the cheese melts nicely in the pinwheels. As you can see from the photos it doesn't melt on top in the same way. You can now get Vioife for pizzas that apparently does melt, but nowhere near me seems to stock it.

Obviously you can use any flavourings you like for this - I was using up some leftover pasta sauce that I'd got out of the freezer and forgotten to use so blended it smooth before spreading it over.

Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels - dairy free, soya free, weaning recipe
Serves 15

1 sheet Jus Rol puff pastry
Tomato sauce - I used about 240ml of blended tomato and butternut squash pasta sauce
Violife block cheese - I used about an inch, grated
1 tsp dried oregano

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C
Roll the pastry out so it's about a third bigger than it comes out of the packet

Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels - pasta sauce spread onto rolled out puff pastry

Spread the pasta sauce over the top
Sprinkle with oregano
Cover liberally with grated Violife

Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels - Violife cheese sprinkled on top of pasta sauce topped puff pastry

Roll up the pastry into a sausage shape and cut slices at about an inch thick

Puff Pastry Pizza Pinwheels - the sliced pinwheels ready for the oven

Lay these out on a lined baking sheet and cover with more grated Violife
Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown


Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry said...

Oh my, forget bay, I would love this. I keep meaning to do more with puff pastry but somehow I never do.

Penelope said...

It was so easy - and M loved them a lot - the pile for the freezer decreased every time he walked past!

Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours said...

These are lovely, and I want a massive plate right now. A perfect family recipe for baby and grownups.

Penelope said...

Thanks Helen, they really are fantastic - and so quick and easy.

Fab Food 4 All said...

Yummy! I'm forever doing pinwheels with pasty but never thought to do pizza ones so will try this next time I have some off cuts:-)

Anne said...

I often make pinwheels using up odds n ends in the fridge, love the sound of your tomato and butternut squash sauce!

Lucy Bakingqueen74 said...

They look so good, I bet my kids would love these for packed lunch!

Kate@whatkatebaked said...

I'm bookmarking this one for a few months time when my little one will be enjoying the joys of baby led weaning! A lovely recipe!

Unknown said...

At what age did LO have these? I'm trying to move away from mashed foods but not sure what foods to make as my LO still have no teeth (almost 11 months old) x

Penelope said...

Hi Lynsey - I'm guessing you did traditional weaning rather than baby-led? What's LO like with finger food - and what does she like? Traditional weaning teaches bubs to swallow before chewing, and vice versa for baby-led. However, by now she'll be capable of both. I wouldn't worry about teeth - their gums are rock hard pre-teeth. Try her on some porridge fingers, something like these pinwheels, some sweetcorn or courgette fritters maybe? Even some peeled and cored apple chunks (soften them in the microwave a tiny bit if you're worried) Things she can take control of and lead on will help you to see what she's capable of. I'd watch for gagging as she gets used to different textures, but I can't see why she should have any problems. Hop that helps!


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