Monday, 14 September 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Do you ever do that thing where you think - "That's OK, we'll eat from the freezer tonight"? I did that this morning, only aside from some sloes, frozen overripe bananas, and the ubiquitous bags of peas and sweetcorn, nada, rien, not a sausage. Oh. So aside from the fact that we'll be off to Aldi tonight, I thought I'd better get my pinny on this week and do some batch cooking.

The autumn always says batch cooking to me anyway, so as far as I'm concerned it's a win win situation. I popped a loaf of my 50:50 wholemeal in the bread maker this morning so that's under my belt already. 

Breakfasts - have wildly overdone it on the French bread in France last week I am definitely back on porridge with almond milk and some fruit.

Lunches - Soup for me - I'm going to make a batch of my Slimming World minestrone either tonight or tomorrow morning as I love it and it's just what I fancy. I'm not sure how Harry (or my carpet) will cope with soup!

Suppers -

Monday: Tonight will be super quick and easy, so probably schnitzel, oven chips and those peas and sweetcorn. A throw it all in effort!

Tuesday: Chicken and sweet potato casserole (recipe to be written up)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Tomato and butternut squash pasta (with lardons for the grown ups)

Friday: Sausages, baked potatoes and chard/ spinach from the veg patch.

We're seeing family this weekend so I'm leaving that flexible for now.

Baking wise I need to make some flapjacks as Harry's having a growth spurt and I think my milk supply is taking a little while to respond!


Kirsty Hijacked By Twins said...

It is so easy having meals already cooked and frozen, I need to get more cooked and frozen too. Hope you have a good week x #mealplanningmonday

MrsShilts said...

Your meal plan sounds delicious this week. I'm intrigued by the SW minestrone soup, I need some soup recipes for the cold days at work from now on. Have a great week #mealplanningmonday


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