Saturday, 15 August 2015

Podcast Episode 1: Living with Cow's milk protein allergy

I thought I'd try some different content today - here's what will hopefully be the first in a series of podcasts talking about life with a Cow's milk protein allergy.  Today is just an introduction to CMPA, and a bit of a chat about some of the basics of life with a baby who has a Cow's milk protein allergy.

Resources mentioned

The allergy episode of Get Well Soon has dropped off of Iplayer, but as soon as I see it's back on there I'll tweet it out.

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Michelle Utterlyscrummy Rice said...

Brilliant podcast, great info. A friend's bubs has recently been diagnosed and I have pointed her at your blog :) Looking forward to more podcasts and posts!

Margot @ Coffee & Vanilla said...

That is very interesting!! Although none of my children is allergic to milk (peanuts and dust mites) I suspect I developed some kind of intolerance to fresh milk... since cutting down milk products I have less allergic reactions. But I'm still yet to be tested, waiting for my appointment...

Roz Goodgame TheFoodieCoupleBlog said...

really interesting. In my day job I'm a GP so really glad this useful info is out there for parents

Kate Hackworthy said...

Very interesting. It must be such a challenge to have that type of allergy and a real learning curve.


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