Thursday, 2 July 2015

Now we are one - baby favourites for June/ July

I haven't done baby favourites for a few months as it would have just been - Jumperoo, Violife, Jumperoo, Violife... But, over the last month or so we've expanded our horizons and toy boxes and added a few new things that Harry loves. We also seem to have taken out a second mortgage to spend in Boots as the sun has finally come out!

Soltan baby hypoallergenic sun screen - Factor 50+
Like so many new mums I'm utterly paranoid about Harry getting sunburned so he's slathered at every opportunity in sunscreen. This one is lovely, doesn't irritate his eczema prone skin and as a bonus comes in both a nappy bag size and full size bottle.

Sun hat  Obviously Harry has a hat for sunny and warm days. I picked this one up in Boots when caught with an unexpectedly sunny day early on. I had to sew an elastic chin strap on, as the first thing bubs did was fling it from his head and the pram whilst grinning triumphantly at me.

Oatly oat milk  - on 3 for £3 this week at Waitrose. Regular readers know about Harry's cow's milk protein allergy. This was recommended by the dietician as a supplement to breast milk now he's one. That's not to say there's anything wrong with either the quality or quantity of my milk - far too many new mums believe that to be the case and very very often it's twaddle. Harry has taken to it well and has it in addition to his meals, snacks and breastfeeds.

Aveeno bath and shower oil
One of the things that goes hand in hand with allergies (oh the things you learn) is eczema and eczema prone skin. Prior to going dairy and soya free - Harry had eczema on his arms and legs. Our friend Jennifer had given us a tube of Aveeno moisturising cream which, combined with the dairy and soya free diet cleared that up wonderfully. We now use the bath and shower oil in place of oats in Harry's bath as it keeps his skin soft, Interestingly I can tell if we've found a new allergen or if I've accidentally had dairy or soya in Harry's skin within about 24 hours - I was caught out recently by some chicken crisps at a party.

Lulujo satin edged comfort blanket
Harry loves things that feel satiny - clothes labels or tags, and if you're cwtched up with him will look for something to stroke. A couple of months back we were having a period of sleep deprivation and I thought I'd try something satiny he could take to bed. We ordered one of these from Amazon and once washed, he took to them straight away. Much like bedtime bear, his blanket lives in his cot, and I think he knows it's nap or bedtime when he has it.

We've also made some new Discovery bottles, and been playing in Harry's new sandpit - but I'm holding off on those for a post on sensory play which I'm hoping my sister will help write (guest post).

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