Monday, 13 July 2015

Meal Planning Monday - normal service is resumed

It's been a few weeks since I posted a meal plan - we had our first family holiday in Dorset, and then last week was just a bit of a blur. To top it all off, yesterday I had a massive allergic reaction to a bee sting and ended up in hospital. Today I'm resting up as I still feel a bit wobbly - that said, I have two dairy and egg free cakes to make and a batch of lactation cookies to bake for a friend who's new to breastfeeding.  Sorry, what did I say about resting?

We've got a quiet week this week, so I'm hoping to get right back on the Slimming World plan - I've been doing really well with my meals, but have been snacking or picking between times and definitely using all my syns if not going over. This week, my aim is to keep my syns low and really focus on what I'm eating.

Harry is doing beautifully - he's just starting to be really mobile, walking and climbing around and up everything! We are going to be childproofing in the evenings this week.

Breakfasts - I'll be back on overnight oats, with melon and apple.

Lunches - I need to make a low syn free lunch, probably my Spring veg orzotto


Monday: Roast chicken, veggies and roast potatoes

Tuesday: Leftover roast chicken, baked potatoes, and veggies

Wednesday: Chicken and mushroom risotto

Thursday: Sausages, sweet potato wedges and sweetcorn

Friday: Pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce

Saturday: (weather permitting) BBQ - and I'm thinking chicken kebabs with a lemony, garlicky, herby marinade

Sunday: Undecided as yet, but possibly roast chicken again

So that's us - an easy week. I feel a bit wiped out by yesterday still, so wanted to make it easy on myself. Be sure to pop on over to At Home with Mrs M and see what the other meal planners have up their sleeves.

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Jane Sarchet said...

Scary stuff re the bee sting petal, I do hope you bounce back really quickly <3
Janie x


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