Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Dairy free, egg free, vegan cake round up - CMPA friendly baking

One of the things I miss most since Harry has developed his egg allergy is cake. Previously it was so easy to whip a cake up while he napped - M could have it for his packed lunches, I could have it as a sweet treat after breastfeeding - it was all good. At first I tried using apple puree as a substitute, flax eggs and really wasn't happy with the results, although I know others are.

Over the last week I've tried some of the most popular recipes I could find for dairy and egg free cakes (which are happily vegan too I think - if I've got that wrong, feel free to correct me in the comments). Some were great from the off (chocolate fudge, I'm looking at you), others required a little tweaking. Generally I've reduced sugar and upped flavouring a little - that's just to our tastes.

I thought I'd do a round up post so all the cakes are in one place - and I've also added some links to other dairy, and egg free cakes from some of my favourite bloggers. If you've got a favourite dairy and egg free cake - pass the link on, either via email, or in the comments below and I'll be sure to add it in.

First off - here's my list:

Pina Colada cake
Chocolate fudge cake with marshmallow icing
Dorset apple inspired 'wacky' cake
Vegan meringues
Big person porridge fingers (a cakey flapjack)
Maple, apple and banana bites

Here's the round up from some of my favourite bloggers - just see my notes in italics for other allergen information:

From Munchies and munchkins (Love that name!) Peanut butter banana bread - which is gluten free too
From Family, friends, food Egg and dairy free spiced apple and raisin cupcakes Helen, also told me that in Kosher produce, food labelled parve will be dairy free - you'll have to check for soya, but it's definitely worth knowing if you have a Kosher section in your supermarket
From Fab food for all Vegan banana cake (clearly bananas work well in dairy and egg free recipes!)

From Emily recipes and reviews Vegan vanilla cupcakes - not soya free for those of you baking with CMPA in mind
From one of my favourite blogs Fuss Free Flavours - Vegan date and orange cake
From Goodie Godmother Vegan lemon cream cake not soya free - Mary doesn't mention if the vegan cream cheese contains soya - but Violife have just released a dairy and soya free cream cheese. If you can find that, that would work.
From Jen's food - Egg free, dairy free carrot and cinammon cake These aren't vegan as they contain honey, but you could substitue that for maple syrup 
From Natural kitchen adventures Banana chocolate chip cake - another one that's gluten free too. Although you'll need to check the chocolate chips for soya

From Rough measures - a Date, apple and walnut loaf (sub the egg for a banana to make it egg free)

From Tin and Thyme a Coconut, chickpea and chocolate cake also gluten free
That list should keep all of us dairy and egg free bakers busy for a while - it'll certainly keep M's lunchbox and colleagues going for a bit. Just don't tell my Slimming World leader!


Helen - family-friends-food said...

What a fantastic list! Bookmarking for those times when I need a vegan bake (or when I'm surprised by visitors and have no eggs in the house!) Thanks for including my spiced apple cupcakes :-)

Ceri said...

This is such a great resource. I struggled to find a good list for inspiration when I was creating that banana choc chip cake. Will be sure to check back when I need another one in future!

Rosemary said...

Great list. Pork Belly's just catered for vegan friends at our daughter's birthday party. Time and time again he draws on the Vegan Society's excellent recipe for choccy cake and just keeps on adapting it!

Sarah Montgomery said...

A great round up of recipes! A keeper. :)

Mary Garcia said...

Wonderful list, thanks for including me! I don't remember if the brand of cream cheese I used contains soya, likely just because of the availability here in the States, but if you can find a soya-free brand, that's much better!

Sus Davy said...

What a fab round up! It's so good to have lists like this all in one spot :) thanks for linking my loaf!

Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche said...

This is a great resource, I'll definitely be coming back here if I ever have a vegan friend to cater for :)

Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours said...

This is a great list Penny. One of my favourite things about vegan baking is that it is so scalable as you are not constrained by "egg units"


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