Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dairy free treats - and where to find them

Sweets and treats can seem thin on the ground when you're dairy and soya free.

Chocolate - if you haven't discovered Booja Booja truffles yet - please, be my guest. They are amazing! Wildly expensive, but even for a chocoholic like me 1 or 2 is enough. They're amazing, nutty and really hugely chocolatey. My absolute favourite. M is not keen on remortgaging the house so that I can have them on tap so I'm holding out for Christmas and birthday!
  • Biscuits - not unless they're homemade as a rule
  • Cake - see above
  • Crisps - some contain milk - I think it's just to trip me up as I can't imagine why else they'd feel the need!

A lovely lady at our local sling group told me about Oreos, so early on I had those up my sleeve (literally at times), and Mark found me Ritter marzipan sport (which is a may contain that we can tolerate).

Since November I've (obvioulsy) ensured that all our cakes and bakes are dairy and soya free. I use Vitalite or Trex in place of butter and both work nicely taste wise. Vitalite (and Pure spread) do seem to make cakes - especially fruit cake - cook more quickly though.

Our favourite home-made bakes are:

Porridge fingers (a sort of cakey flapjack) for big people
Cherry and almond buns
Chocolate and chilli, olive oil cake
Egg free, vegan meringues
Almond macaroons
Tsoureki - spiced, fruited bread

Sometimes though even I don't want to bake - and that's where this post from PETA (politics aside please, this is about dairy free treats) on accidentally vegan snacks really came up trumps. Now obviously it's essential that you read the labels, every time and not all will be soya free - but but but... dairy free treats!

My favourites from the list are:

Elizabeth Shaw dark chocolate mint crisps
Bourbon biscuits (read the packet as not all are. Generally the cheaper they are the more likely they're dairy free)
Oreos - also known as my happy place
Nairn's Oatcakes

Have you found any amazing dairy free treats? What are your favourites?


Jo of Jo's Kitchen said...

I love Oreos- I didn't know they were dairy free

Helen - family-friends-food said...

Great round up! We were dairy free for DD's first couple of years but she finally grew out of it - hurrah!
Have you found Lazy Day millionaire's shortbread or chocolate tiffin? They're usually in the supermarket 'free from' section. Also, if you're anywhere near any Jewish shops, look for anything that says 'parve' or 'parev' on the label and it will be guaranteed dairy free (although it may still contain eggs or soya) - I've had dairy-free white chocolate chips (!), ice-cream, all sorts. Enjoy!

Penny Aylwin said...

Oh they are - they were my first dairy free treat Jo. Occaisionaly I get scared as someone tells me they're not, but I am a whizz with packets these days!

I'm hoping Harry will grow out of it too, but am getting used to it now. I haven't seen either of the Lazy Day products - I'll send M in search as he's good at finding new things for me. We're close to lots of Jewish shops as I'm in North London so I'll have a look next time we're out and about - thanks for tha suggestion Helen, white chocolate chips would be amazing! :-)

Kerry Cooks said...

This is so useful! I love almond macaroons - yum!

Sarah Montgomery said...

I've heard a lot about booja truffles, must try them out!


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