Friday, 26 June 2015

Chocolate ice cream - dairy free, egg free, vegan

Things with us are going OK - we're on top of the allergies (for now *touch wood*) and naturally, putting Harry first means that aside from the odd longing filled thought of Galaxy bars, cheese, and a decent cup of tea - being dairy free is fine. But I miss treats, oh how I miss treats. Ice cream was mine and M's thing. We knew it was Friday as we'd sit down with a couple of scoops of whatever was on offer. And I loved it. Since going dairy free I've not really missed ice cream so much, but I do miss our ritual. And no, fruit salad is not the flipping same.

A month or so ago Lakeland invited me to their Taste of Summer event, and as part of it were demonstrating dairy free ice creams. Feeling wildly inspired, and with a mini ice cream maker as a gift I had a bash at some dairy free, chocolate ice cream. Super easy, incredibly tasty - and much, much cheaper than what's on offer at the supermarket

Dairy free chocolate ice cream - serves 4, or possibly 1 mama who hasn't had a decent pudding since November. Ahem. Not all at once though.

1 tin coconut milk
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
75ml maple syrup (you could use honey, but then it wouldn't be vegan)

Chill the base of your ice cream maker - I used the mini ice cream maker from Lakeland - which for this quanity works well.
Mix up the coconut milk, cocoa, vanilla and maple syrup then pour into the base of the ice cream maker
Pop the lid on and set it to churn - I left it for about 25 minutes, by which time the base was starting to defrost. The ice cream was lovely and smooth and a bit like a Macdonalds milkshake thickness wise. As it wasn't getting much thicker, I popped it into the freezer and left it for another half hour - after which - perfect ice cream.

This was amazing - a full on chocolate flavour, not too sweet, and the bounty bar-ness of the coconut milk was just there in the background, not too overpowering.

I've had to restrain myself from making it again, but I have itchy fingers and want to add peanut butter this time!


Ceri @naturalkitchenadventures said...

Love the sound of this - no refined sugar and dairy free! I give it a huge thumbs up. Need to get my ice cream base chilling in that freezer as soon as possible!

Sarah Trivuncic said...

That sounds great - wonderful they can still enjoy something like this!

Kate | The Veg Space said...

What a great idea - we do 'Veganuary' every year - going vegan for January, so will definitely be pinning this to try out. Thanks for sharing!


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