Sunday, 10 May 2015

What's in our nappy bag?

One of the things I've been asked lately is what I put in my nappy bag, and how I knew what to. The answer to the first is below - the second, mainly guesswork. So I thought I'd write this post, as if I was working on guesswork, then I'm sure other people are too.

Our bag goes everywhere with us - attached to the pram by the nifty velcro whatsms, or over my shoulder when Harry's in the sling. I try to work on the basis that as a Guider, I should Be Prepared and aim to I have most eventualities covered. My back pain getting worse is probably not unrelated to be fair. However, over the last months, there's nothing in it I haven't used.

The contents have changed along the way- we didn't used to haul around teethers and bonjela, and I used to take a lot more in the way of spare clothes and muslins before Harry's allergies were diagnosed when projectile vomitting was a daily occurence. Weaning has also meant that at the very least I have a beaker and a tupperware of rice cakey type snacks on top of everything else.

Nappy bags
Bottom butter/ Sudocrem Care and Protect
Hat - I sewed elastic on Harry's hat as none of the ones I found had a chin strap on.

Spare babygrow
Spare vest
Muslins - 1 massive, 1 normal
Dribble bib

Teething gel
Hope's relief cream - this is amazing stuff. I use it for everything from those odd baby spots, dry patches, red patches. And for me too. Although it does seem to dye the baby a sort of fake tan colour.
Calpol & syringe
Spare dummies

Toby the T-Rex
Sensory linkies

The only things I haven't shown are the Mummy things - so the pack of paracetamol, bottle of water, emergency Nakd bar (dairy and soya free if you don't get the crunchy ones) as well as the day to day purse, keys, phone etc...

I know it's sort of an idiots guide - but hopefully that useful. Obviously in the winter, the sun hat was a wooly one, and there were mittens, plus an extra blanket. A year ago these were the posts I was trawling the internet for so hopefully even if they're not useful for you now - they may be at some point.

If there's anything else along these lines that you might find useful - either comment below, or drop me an email at

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