Thursday, 30 April 2015

Quilting for beginners - the story of my quilt (picture heavy)

Most people know I'm a keen crafter, I love to knit and embroider, but until recently most of my skills were funnelled into planing craft activities that 20 or so 10-14 year olds could do in an hour. Whilst being a stay at home mum has posed lots of challenges, one of the things it has done is give me the freedom to learn some new skills. As an L&D professional - continuing professional development is something I have a tendency to talk about a lot - however, much like the shoemakers child - I'm often the last to actually find time for my own learning and development. Being out of work hasn't so much given me the opportunity to learn some new skills, but more removed the excuses I had to prevent me.

Quilting was first on my list - it's something my mother-in-law does a lot of, and I love the quilts she has made me. It's always looked very complicated and my skills with a sewing maching somewhat negligible, but I'd started to get to grips with my machine by quilting my camp blankets. A combination of some fabric won in a Facebook giveaway, and a Quilting for beginners tutorial found on Pinterest picqued my interest and off I went. The pictures below tell the story of my quilt - I hope you like it. I'm certainly inspired to keep going.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen these already - albeit interspersed with ones of Harry, and foodie shots... so here they are in order... The story of my first quilt

81 squares ready to be pieced

Piecing is much like sudoku it seems

Sewing squares together to make rows

Basting the quilt top with the back and wadding

Actually quilting  
Hand stitching the binding
The finished binding
My first quilt

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