Sunday, 1 March 2015

Meal Planning Monday: where is the Spring?

The sunshine this week had me fooled here and there - I expected it to be warmer, but no - Harry and I are as wrapped up as ever! We're in need of a change in the weather, I need it to be warmer. It's all systems go this week in the Pantry, as well as our normal baby groups, job hunting and Brownies, we've finally got Harry's allergy and dietician appointment and I'm hopeful for and looking forward to getting some support with his milk allergy.


Breakfasts - as always, porridge and fruit for me, and a selection from this post for Harry.

Lunches - in the absence of having any fresh soup made up, there's some split pea in the freezer which I'll pop out and retrieve tomorrow. Hopefully enough for a couple of days lunches at least and then the plan is to make a ham and pea soup with some of the leftovers from Tuesday night's supper.

Dinners -

Monday - I made a vegan vegetable lasagne - using the Deliciously Ella suggestion of pureed butternut squash instead of cheese. That worked beautifully, but her suggestion for the ragu seemed a little flat so I made my usual bolognaise, just with lots of lovely veggies instead of mince. We have the last portion for supper tomorrow.

Tuesday - Sainsburys have their ham joints on special so we're going to have roast gammon, roast potatoes and veggies

Wednesday - leftover ham, with eggs, baked potatoes and peas

Thursday - Ham and mushroom omlettes

Friday - Tomato pasta (I made double last week and have frozen the leftovers)

Saturday - I've got some chilli in the freezer so think I'm going to defrost and bake that in a butternut squash - much like this recipe.

Sunday - Leftovers

Nothing madly exciting this week - but lots of warming, keeping you going type dinners. As always, be sure to pop on over to At Home with Mrs M and join up with all the other planners to see what everyone else is up to.

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luckiest1 said...

I love using pureed squash with pasta! It must be quite challenging for you, keeping up with Harry's dietary restrictions. I know how challenging I find it, but I'm only cooking for myself. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I plan to follow yours from now on.


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