Sunday, 22 February 2015

Meal Planning Monday - a person can develop a bad, bad cold...

This weeks learning about being a parent - baby groups = lots of germs. Germs = a poorly baby. Poorly baby that sneezes in your face = a poorly mummy and daddy. So from the 'unclean' house here's our, very gently, hopefully healing meal plan for the week. One where the baby will eat best!

We're on week 2 of our switch to Aldi, and it's still going well. The only dud product thus far is the own brand weetabix which apparently tastes like cardboard. The (much contended on facebook) meat is all really good quality, and the fruit and veg are lovely. All good thus far.

Harry's doing really well in terms of his weight and we've added in a proper supper. I knew he was poorly this week when he was off his food and then wanted to be spoon fed. He's never let me feed him porridge, and the poor love just couldn't cope with doing it himself. Hugs all around.

Breakfasts - as always are porridge and fruit for me. I'm going to do a post on Harry's breakfasts as the mix of pancakes, mini omlettes, and porridge fingers seems to be a sure fire hit.

Lunches - I've made a yummy batch of syn free minestrone soup for my lunches which I'm really looking forward to feeling well enough to eat. Harry has the usual fishcakes, veggies, and some leftover chicken casserole.


Monday - I've got a little turkey breast to roast (ostensibly so that Harry can have some pieces of meat with his lunches) and we'll probably have that with some plain baked potatoes and lots of veggies to up our vitamin C to fight of these lurgies.

Tuesday - leftover turkey, pretty much the same again. The nice thing about these dinners is we eat with Harry (depending on M being home) as this way he's eating the same as us. The grin on his face if you're eating what he is, is one of the simple ways that Baby led weaning is a winner for me.

Wednesay - oddly I stocked up the freezer with some butternut squash pasta for Harry (it's always really useful to have some emergency meals for when dinner for us needs to be later) and I think I'm going to remake it for us, with (at the suggestion of Dawn and Mandy on the facebook page) some lardons added for the benefit of the resident carnivore.

Thursday - hopefully leftovers

Friday - Veggie lasagne was supposed to be made this weekend, using a butternut squash puree to replace the cheese sauce, so I think we'll give that a go then. Hopefully there'll be freezable (it's a word) leftovers

Saturday - Gammon steaks, roasties and veg (I'm also having that pineapple)

Sunday - Tomato pasta I think - maybe there'll be some lardons left

That's our week, what are your choices when you're all under the weather? And do you have to placate a resident carnivore in your meal plans too? All suggestions welcomed.

As always, don't forget to pop on over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to. I'm off to mainline some vitamin C and feel sorry for myself over Call the Midwife.


Emma Lofthouse-Burch said...

You poor thing, being poorly with a baby can be hard work x I always go for chicken soup when I am poorly, very predictable but so nice. Feel better soon x

Kirsty Hijacked By Twins said...

Oh no, I hope your little one is better now. I love veggie lasagne, I haven't had it in such a long time! Thank you for the warninng about the Jerusalem Artichokes, I have been told not to cook them again lol x


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