Friday, 6 February 2015

February baby favourites

How is it that time again? I'm writing this on the 1st of the month and can't believe that my baby is nearly 8 months old. Our favourites are starting to change as the baby gets more mobile; the activity mat (our one dud purchase) is firmly out of favour, and the jumperoo is the place to be. Facing the patio doors to the garden Harry has become a wonderful kitty scarer, and the local birdlife isn't quite sure what to make of him either. After a good bounce in it, he's ready for a nice long nap, which provides me with the opportunity to put my feet up with a much needed coffee do the hoovering. Ahem.

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, Bepanthen and Sudocrem Care and Protect

We've been using the bottom butter since birth, sadly Harry's inherited my horribly sensitive skin and after a reaction to something in NICU that ended up with him needing a prescribed cream under his nappy I wanted something fairly unreactive and having used Bottom Butter on my bump throughout pregnancy I thought I'd try that. Winner. However of late teething and weaning are doing unkind things and we've upped our game to include the Sudocrem and Bepanthen. The Sudocrem Care and Protect we use during the day, Harry hasn't reacted to it at all and the Bepanthen at night just to make things a bit more comfortable and to ward off that dreaded nappy rash.


We joined the library a couple of weeks back, and at Rhyme Time Harry enjoys looking at some different books. Our favourites at home are from the That's not my... series - the combination of the sensory element with storytime (I love our storytime, Harry cuddles and reading are my idea of heaven) seems to really keep him interested.

Rice cakes and breadsticks

Like all new mums going through weaning, I'm permanently interested in finding things Harry can snack on that are a bit more portable. Breadsticks are the newest as I was afraid they'd be a bit scratchy, but Harry adores rice cakes. His face lights up when I get the little tupperware I keep them in out of my change bag. On a side note how sad was I to discover that rusks are basically sugar. I love rusks.

And one for me... Ole Henrikson Nurture Me

Pregnancy has left me with what I can only describe as ridiculously sensitised skin. I have one cheek covered in a red splodge, and the rest of my face is on the edge of being sore the whole time. Some research online led me to the above which I managed to find on sale with 20% off as my Maternity pay barely stretched to it. It does seem to be soothing my skin, although sadly not taking down the redness. I'm hoping it's just hormonal and will start to ease soon, but my ridiculous levels of vanity mean I'm whacking on the concealor like it's going out of style. Just as well Harry and M don't care really.

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