Sunday, 18 January 2015

Marshmallow magic

When I got my Kmix, marshmallows were firmly on my to-make list - and then life kind of took over. One house, wedding and baby later, the Kmix lives on the fridge (don't get me started on the lack of counter space we have in the kitchen) and I buy marshmallows from M&S. Or at least I did. Before Christmas, Sainsburys asked if anyone wanted to have a go at making marshmallows from their new kit. In the madness that is sleep deprivation I volunteered, convinced of my ability to make perfect snowy mounds of confectionery that I could then bestow upon friends and family a la Nigella. Now I don't know if the baby can read my mind, if this was before he began teething or if I just picked a really good week for his naps, but I managed it.

The Sainsbury's kit takes all the fear that I had about marshmallows - mainly centred around sugar temperatures - and sweeps it away, you follow super simple instructions, let the mixer do the hard work, and voila - appropriately seasonal sweeties with an awesome wow factor. I dipped mine in melted dark chocolate and topped them with freeze dried raspberries before giving them as Christmas gifts to the other NCT mummies - and pretty much anyone else that passed our way.

I would definitely make these again, in terms of a wow factor for not much effort, they're a definite winner. The only thing I'd do differently is think about flavourings as the kit is perfectly plain. You could use a skewer to swirl melted chocolate or a lime curd through them, seived raspberries would make them perfectly pink and impart a lovely fresh tang, or you could add some salted caramel, pile them high and serve them as petit fours with some rich, dark coffee after dinner. The options are endless... I'll definitely be making them again, it is coming up to St Dwynwen's day after all...

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