Friday, 16 January 2015

January favourites

As another month passes, Harry gets bigger and our favourite things (sing with me) change. This month the cold, moving along our weaning journey and starting to sit up (yes, really!) have all prompted changes in the things both Harry and I reach for on a regular basis.

All these things have been purchased by us (or been presents from friends and family)

Tuppence and Crumble star wrap

I had seen pictures of babies in star wraps and thought 'how cute' long before Harry was born - however, I came to buy one because Harry needed another layer when in  the sling. Much like in the car seat, snowsuits aren't recommended when babywearning for safety reasons so I needed an alternative - which is when I remembered star wraps. Harry has a cornflower blue wrap and over Christmas we used it as a makeshift dressing gown when away from home, as well as an extra layer in the car or sling. He much prefers to his snowsuit as it's softer and he's more mobile in it, and aside from the cuteness factor I love the fact that it's far less of a battle to get him in it.

Bedtime bear

Bedtime bear (a little bear/ lovey/ comfort blanket) was a gift when Harry was born, and to be honest this could be any soft toy/ comforter as it's what we do not what it is that makes it a favourite. At our NCT group a friend's husband recommended putting soft toy in the cot/ crib that just lives there. Never leaves. Which is what we do with the thus named Bedtime bear. Harry loves seeing him when I put him in his cot/ crib - he rubs him on his face (no, I've no idea either) and after a little chunter to the bear settles himself down. Not every time - he's a real baby, not a pretend one. I like to think that Bedtime bear is a signal that it is bed/ nap time, and a friendly signal at that. I checked online, and guidance seems to be that babies shouldn't have anything in their moses basket/ crib/ cot until they're around 4 months - although I'm sure if you looked you could find contradictions to that as there's nothing like confusing and frightening new mums with contradictory guidance. Four months is about when Bedtime bear appeared in the cot.

Weaning supplies

Last time I was at my mum's, we popped to the local poundshop and stocked up on some of their weaning supplies, mini tubs and individual freezer pots have proved to be invaluable. They're all BPA free and dishwashable and are perfectly sized for a couple of rice cakes, or a portion of chicken and veggies. I use them every time we're out and about and they're cheap enough that if I do leave them somewhere in my sleep deprived state it's not the end of the world.

Bath toys

We were very lucky at Christmas and among other gifts Harry was given some bath toys - these include some penguin squirty toys from M&S (no longer on website) that we love - In part, thanks to his swimming, in the last couple of months Harry loves his baths and has made the connection between kicking and splashes. We now come out of bathtime just as soggy as him! Bath toys are his idea of heaven, and these squirty penguins make him splash and squeal in delight.

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