Tuesday, 16 December 2014

December favourites - baby centred

This month it feels like Harry's moving away from a newborn - he's nearly 5 months corrected now, and we're fully embroiled in baby led weaning, sensory play and random bouts of giggling for no real reason. If I ignore the teething it's lovely

Survival blanket from Amazon - we use one of these as our 'moon' at Hartbeeps, and Harry loves it. A good friend mentioned you could get them in Poundland, but sadly ours didn't ever stock them so I turned to Amazon. I cut it into quarters as it's massive, but at just over £1 I'm happy for Harry to scrunch, chomp, dribble and wriggle on it as much as he likes

Sock-ons - recommended by one of my NCT friends, these really do work. And without them Harry permanently has one sock on and one sock off. If he's anything like me cold feet will only make him grumpy.

Touchnote - having family fairly spread out, this is a great way to send thank you notes and postcards almost immediately on taking that 'perfect' shot. It's ideal for use with Grandparents who don't have smartphones, and for when you need to immortalise that carrot smeared grin.

Moby wrap - I've been using a sling with Harry pretty much since we came home from hospital. When he was tiny it was a surefire way of gettong him to sleep - and now it's a convenient and cosy way for us to get around. I love it because of the closeness, and I like to think that he loves it for the same reason. I suspect it's because he can see more than when he's in the pram though.

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