Tuesday, 11 November 2014

November favourites - baby centred

In amongst this brave new world of motherhood I'm navigating, I'm coming across things that work, things that don't and things I couldn't do it without. I thought I'd share some with you each month.

Harry's 5 months actual, and 14 weeks corrected this month as that'll be something for you to consider if these recommendations are useful to you.

Lulujo muslins, I was given one of these as a gift and it was so useful that when unable to get anymore from Kiddicare I went online and searched out some more. We currently have 3 and they're indispensable - I use them as nursing covers, sunshades, swaddles, blankets, emergency sheets (ideal for when the baby has thrown up everywhere) and on rare occaisions as a muslin. Although I have been known to squawk - not the pretty one, and thrust a considerably smaller one at the baby. They're also epically soft - I expected all muslins to be soft, but there are most definitely degrees of superiority within the world of muslins.

Bumbo, our bumbo was a gift and although Harry's only really just starting to get used to it, it's fantastic. I can pop him up on the worktop so he's in front of me while I'm pottering in the kitchen (I'd never leave him up there unattended - it's safe because I'm right there), and he sits in it quite happily. Mark's Godmother put it rightly when she said he looks thrilled to be seeing the world from a position other than his back. It's light and portable and for a little baby like Harry, we're going to get some good use out of it. We're planning to use it when we re-start weaning.

Moonbulb, I've tweeted and Instagrammed the life out of this - Harry loves it (as do I) it's a coloured, rotating bulb from Maplin -  I think it's from their disco section? But is so pretty and really relaxing. We've just popped it into an anglepoise lamp that we've positioned so it points up on the ceiling - although you could put it in any bayonet fitting.

Lansinoh, I know every breastfeeding mum says it, but I couldn't be without it. Do you need any more information than that?

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