Monday, 15 September 2014

Meal Planning Monday: quick and to the point

 Those who know me, know I'm pretty much a control freak - I like my lists, to be organised, to plan, to finish one thing before starting another. And then I had Harry. I still make lists... I just then promptly lose them or forget about them only to find them two weeks later and realise that I either haven't yet dusted the bedroom or it's been so long since I did that it needs doing again. 

Anyway... moving along from my slovenly domestic ways, happily distracted as I am by our wee man. Food has really gone by the wayside of late - to be honest if I can't fling it at the oven, or don't remember to hoik it out of the freezer we're not having it. I'm genuinely surprised at how little we've succumbed to take aways or toast and marmite as acceptable suppers. 

We're starting to add baby activities into our week now, so meals are not only planned around Harry's feeds, but also when we need to leave the house. Swimming is a favourite and not just because he sleeps like an angel after it. I swear if I didn't need to wake him for feeds he'd easily go through the night on a Saturday. 

Monday: Sausages, baked potatoes and corn on the cob

Tuesday: Ham, egg & chips

Wednesday: Leftover ham, egg & wedges (see, it's different. Honest)

Thursday: Baked tomato pasta with meatballs

Friday: Leftover pasta


Sunday: Roast chicken

What's on your meal plan this week?

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