Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Meal Planning Monday: where are the weeks going?

Another week and meal plan already, where does the time go?! The warm weather has floored us slightly over the past few days - my headaches have got considerably worse and I'm drinking gallons of water as it seems that's the only way to offset the pain without resorting to meds. This, combined with looking after Harry has meant that poor M has been subjected to last minute dinners of pizza and takeaway. I may not have finished stocking up the freezer before the baby was born, but at least I started!

The hot weather and humidity seems set to continue for the next few days so we're still looking at quick and easy dinners.

Breakfasts: still oat based granola with yoghurt and some fruit - online supermarkets seem unable to deliver non mouldy overripe soft fruits so I'm on sultanas as opposed to the planned strawberries and raspberries.

Lunches: I've been having trouble getting around to eating lunches so have made up a batch of vegetable couscous, with a chilli & lemon dressing. I can either have that as it is, or with houmous, avocado or halloumi depending on what I have time to grab out of the fridge.


Monday - Quiche, salad, and potato wedges

Tuesday - Pasta and meatballs

Wednesday - Chilli nachos

Thursday - Leftover chilli in burritos

Friday - Pizza and salad

Saturday & Sunday - no real idea at the moment, I've got some chorizo esque sausages that I might bake up with veggies and sweet potatoes but otherwise I am without inspiration.

That's us - late and not wildly interesting but a plan nonetheless.

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