Monday, 2 June 2014

Meal Planning Monday: loving maternity leave

I'm torn at the moment between wanting the baby to stay put so I can enjoy a little bit of summer at my own pace and being quite, quite ready to not be pregnant anymore. I started using crutches for the SPD last week and just feel like I now have a huge sign over my head that declares 'Pregnancy is too much for this one' and of course that's put the kibosh on my plans to swan around North London doing all those things I never get the time to do on a normal basis.

Anyway, enough whinging, I have a line of the teeniest, tiniest baby laundry, the nursery is finally finished and aside from the sewing, ironing and a breastfeeding class I have no plans for the rest of the day, except enjoying the sunshine.

Being at home hasn't changed how we eat really - I did think it would, between giving me the time to exercise my natural capacity to cook wondrous meals *ahem* and freeing up some of my imagination from the home-tired-chicken kiev-sleep routine we'd got into. What I didn't realise was that being pregnant seems to have freed me up to mainly go to the hospital a lot... between my regular monitoring, physio, midwife, obstetrician.... I swear they're going to hand me a BlackBerry and a laptop soon so that I can keep on top of what they need from me!

That said, I did some batch baking this weekend and we now have lemon drizzle cake in the freezer, and a chocolate banana loaf in the cake tin, so M's a happy camper. I want to bake a simnel-alike cake this week and try Michelle's Cinammon sugar mini muffin doughnuts 

Breakfasts - I'm sticking with the cereal. Baby in years to come when you realise my aversion to milk I hope you appreciate this.

Lunches - griddled halloumi salad is still the daily menu and I'm showing no signs of tiring of it. Last week I had a few days of halloumi, pesto and avocado sandwiches on pide which is a favourite flatbread of mine, but I'm back on salad this week.

Dinners -

Monday:  We've got our breastfeeding class a bit earlier than our usual NCT so I'm going to knock up some pasta nice and quickly - just a Pantry pasta will do I think

Tuesday: Is going to be our curry night - courtesy of Charlie Bighams we're trying two of their new curry ready meals, a Korma and a Tikka Masala so expect a post later on this week about how we found them. For someone who hasn't really had cravings as such (don't mention the cherry tomato habit) curry is something I've really enjoyed whilst pregnant so I'm really looking forward to this.

Wednesday: I'll be at the hospital being monitored on Wednesday so I'm hoping for leftovers from Tuesday night's curry.

Thursday: Brownies starts back (my penultimate session before I go on maternity leave from my littlies) so it would be a travesty not to keep up the chicken kiev 'tradition' this pregnancy has spawned. Home made sweet potato chips and lots of veg/ salad to balance out some goodness.

Friday: Sausages, baked potatoes and something nice and vegetable-y *vague*

We've got a much cherished weekends at home next weekend - I'm going to try and do some more batch cooking - Chinese chicken and mushrooms have been requested as have individual chicken and sweet leek pies (I'm clearly a soft touch).

Hope you're having a good week - and be sure to hop on over to At Home with Mrs M to see what all the other mealplanners are up to. 

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Whitablether said...

Enjoy the time to yourself before baby arrives, it's probably the last big chunk of me time you'll get for a long time. Like the sound of your meal plan x


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