Monday, 30 June 2014

Meal Planning Monday - all change!

Clearly I made the mistake of tempting fate on my last meal planning Monday post as on the Wednesday, 6 weeks early I gave birth to my lovely son Harry Keith. I'm sure you'll excuse the hiatus in posting, as we spent a couple of weeks in NICU and since coming home have started to make the adjustments that come with welcoming a small person into our lives.

That said, it's wonderful - tiring and anxiety provoking, but utterly, utterly wonderful. Harry is beautiful, and despite a rocky start feeding is beginning to go fairly well *touch wood* M and I are learning about the world of dream and cluster feeds, infacol and sleeping when the baby does. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, meal planning. Well it's gone out of the window a bit - pizzas, toast, porridge and sandwiches have played their part in sustaining us through broken nights, and long days. You may remember that I was part way through stocking up the freezer, but the warm weather has meant that the casseroles and cottage pies that I lovingly prepared have been left largely untouched. However, M has gone back to work after his paternity leave today so I'm fully expecting to start to make use of them and I expect it won't be long until I'm mourning their passing. However, family have been wonderful and chickens, cooked ham, fruit, cake and quiches have all been given to us.

Breakfasts for me are porridge as I'm breast feeding and oats are good at promoting milk supply. I'll switch back to granola and yoghurt once I've finished up the porridge oats.

Lunches - unsurprisingly my lovingly prepared salads have been abandoned in favour of sandwiches, not because they take too long to do, but it's impossible to eat a salad and feed the baby (something which seems to happen regularly - I swear he can smell the food!).


Unsurprisingly most of this week's meals are quick and easy - either things I can throw together while Harry sleeps, or things I can get out of the freezer and just wallop in the oven.

Monday: leftover slow roast pork with wraps, salsa, salad and sweetcorn. Stupidly I didn't think to pick up an avocado which is annoying me more than it should.
Tuesday: Chicken kiev, chips and peas night as I'm popping to Guides to introduce the girls to Harry.

Wednesday: Quiche, wedges and salad

Thursday: Baked tomato pasta - I think we have some leftover dough balls to go with as well as some salad

Friday: Chicken wraps- with my harissa sauce some greek salad and potato salad which I'll blog the recipe for later this week.

Next weekend we have M's parents visiting, so I'm going to break out some of the cottage pie portions from the freezer and have that with frozen peas and carrots.

Sunday: I'll see how we're going - possibly pizza.    

 Well, that's us for this week - if you've had babies - what sort of things did you eat in those early days?

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Kim Carberry said...

Aww! Congratulations!!
Great meal plan!! x


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