Monday, 12 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday: So near and yet so far

In my first trimester I couldn't imagine being more tired. I could sleep anywhere: tubes, trains, buses, Brownie pack holiday... the list could go on. It's slightly ironic that at week 32 a combination of stress and utter exhaustion combined with 3am insomnia are wiping me out now - let's not even consider what bump has in store for me when they arrive. One of the things I've always been conscious of is the balance of living my life as I want to with having chronic conditions, and now I'm balancing both of those things alongisde a pregnancy.

Last week was an insanely easy week in the kitchen, that if you don't know me, might prompt you to question my validity as a foodie. The next couple of weeks won't be, can't be much different as I'm concentrating on completing everything I need to do at work, trying to help M finish the nursery alongside absolute exhaustion, and an unhealthy dose of stress.  I'm fighting the urge/ need to retire to bed for a few days and channelling my inner Dory.

So where are we this week? A good question indeed - to which the answer 'all over the place' is quite literally true: Birmingham, North London, Croydon, Poole, NCT, Guides, Brownies and Archery - are just the tip of the iceberg! Next weekend we have M's parents visiting (if you hear sobbing, it's me trying to make the spare bedroom accessible as it's being used as our dumping ground since we started the nursery) and my favourite part of the week ahead is that I'm going to The making of Harry Potter!

Breakfasts: I've really got a taste for Weetabix of late, which is odd as I'm rarely a cereal person.

Lunches: I've still got that salad bug - with feta or halloumi depending on if I'm wfh or out and about.

Dinners: I'm roasting a chicken this afternoon which will make next week easier.

Monday: Leftover roast chicken with baked potatoes and veggies

Tuesday: Chicken and mushroom risotto

Wednesday: Leftover risotto

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Chicken kiev, homemade chips and veggies

I have baked today - Peanut butter and jam bars which will top up lunch boxes for us both.

I'm hoping for a bit more energy as the week goes on, but otherwise will just be trundling along.

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