Monday, 26 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday: a restful one?

Well, I hope so anyway. Although I'm not sure if writing it tempts fate or not. Maternity leave has begun, so of course I was up at 4am this morning and wide awake. Why wouldn't I be? We've got a busy weekend of visiting family and an NCT class all of which is well and good if I manage to ignore the ridiculous amount of pain my hips have left me in this week.  

Food wise this week was an odd one - M was supposed to be working away, then he wasn't, then he did and to be honest I didn't know whether I was coming or going. Of course I'd much rather he was at home, I'd also rather one way or the other as in meal planning and sanity terms it all gets a bit much. I'm hoping for a conclusive home or away next week, but I'm also hoping for a quick and easy labour so lets see which is more likely.

Breakfasts: well I finally got bored of yoghurt and granola and went onto weetabix and now I'm bored of them. #fickle Who knows what this week will hold. I've got some frozen raspberries and cherries in the freezer so may lightly stew those to go with yoghurt.

Lunches: I am still not tired of the squeaky cheese. Halloumi and salad all the way.


Monday - We were going to have pizza, but I tasked M with bringing home dinner last night thinking he'd pick up a takeaway but he picked up almost exactly what I had planned for Monday, so I've had to have a bit of an on the spot move around and am blatantly not sure of what to do on Monday

Tuesday - Chilli crab linguine for me, it's another of my 'maximum standing up cooking time 20 minutes' dinners

Wednesday - leftovers of the above

Thursday - Slow baked gnocchi with tomatoes and gooey mozzarella (this may need some protein in it, but my brain hasn't managed to process past the gooey mozzarella yet)

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - We possibly have M's parents with us again next weekend (we're having internal door issues that I just don't understand) so something they'll enjoy although we've got NCT and a division bag pack first of all. I may just go to a standard fall back and do a shepherd's pie

Sunday - Either leftovers or I'll roast a chicken (weather, sanity and to-do list dependent)

Well that put the kibosh on my quiet week really - hopefully my plans for rest aren't too squashed by the ever growing to-do list.

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