Monday, 5 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday: A bank holiday edition

Another week begins, and if you could see me, you would notice the undeniable signs that I'm starting to feel stressed about this iminitent arrival. I think it's this last stretch of balancing work, decorating, home, obsessive reading and list making that just don't fit into the available hours in the day.

Still, as with any time of anxiety I turn to my lists and plans to manage those feelings of panic. I mean, there's no way to convince a baby to just - stay put until we're properly ready - is there? What do you mean not a chance?

This week's meal plan is fairly straightforward if busy, we're at the Epilepsy centre on Tuesday, start NCT classes on Wednesday as well as Brownies on Thursday. 

Breakfasts: still home made yoghurt, granola and fruit.

Lunches: Salads with either feta and olives or halloumi.


Monday - Sausages in buns with salad and corn on the cob

Tuesday - Chicken and mushroom risotto

Wednesday - Homemade pizza with salad

Thursday -Chicken kiev, home made chips and peas

Friday - Can we have takeaway? Unless it's sunny in which case BBQ.

So that's us, another week on... what's your planning like when you need to eradicate nerves and anxiety?

1 comment:

Kim Carberry said...

Everything sounds delicious! Have a great week...Sounds like a busy one for you x


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