Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What I wore Wednesday: Blooming in breton

I think I've had about a week of this pregnancy where I could honestly say I felt I was blooming. Unless you could the 29 other weeks where I've felt 'blooming' awful that is?

After my first, tentative foray into WIWW I've fallen foul of the trap of Wednesdays either being a work from home day - and so leggings and a camp t-shirt, or having no way of taking pictures of myself. So I'm cheating a bit... shh don't tell!

I think I've found my feet (although as you can see from the picture below they're close to being lost under the bump) a bit with maternity clothes - despite being very definitely pregnant now, my over the bump jeans from Next and some tops from Mothercare are seeing me through my casual days, and the same tops with cropped trousers (either black or pink) through work days.

Here I'm wearing an adored breton stripe t-shirt that layers up with an integral vest for breast feeding (future planning there), a wildly elderly pink cardigan from Bravissimo, and said jeans.

However, most excitingly I'm wearing the best ever pink ballet flats with what look like Smarties! on the toes. These were from the Clarks outlet in Swindon, they were my post ceremony wedding shoes and I love them. All of this was paired with a Cath Kidston handbag that my lovely brother got me for Christmas and some Dotted Poppy earrings.

1 comment:

MostlyYummy said...

You look blooming lovely to me! Those shoes are so cute :-)


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