Monday, 21 April 2014

Meal Planning Monday: an easy one

I managed to spend last week on enforced bed rest - the sort of thing that when running around hell bent on organising myself, M, Brownies and Guides I thought would be a wonderful break from always having 'just so much to do!' It wasn't. It was painful, dull, scary as hell, tiring (who knew?) but most of all quiet. Faced with my body genuinely needing a week of rest I wasn't prepared for how difficult and painful something as straightforward as making a risotto might be. We ate from the freezer a lot, and I gave thanks for the food processor a lot.

This week doctors orders are to 'see how I go' so with one eye on my expanding waistline I'm declaring a slower version of business as usual.

We are without baked goods this week as the prospect of standing up and baking just felt painful this weekend, but neither of us will miss out I'm sure.

Breakfasts for me this week are yoghurt and granola with chopped banana.

Lunches are salads - with feta and olives in the first half of the week, and with halloumi in the latter half.


Monday: Cottage pie to my usual recipe

Tuesday: As it's my first day back at work and I'm not sure how I'll feel, one of the emergency packets of filled pasta with sauce, garlic bread and raw veggies

Wednesday: Baked potatoes with bolognaise from the freezer and grated cheese

Thursday: Chicken kiev, sweet potato chips and veggies

Friday: Homemade chicken curry - with naan bread

Saturday: we have some much looked forward to tickets to see Avenue Q in Greenwich (M missed it when it was in London so I've been hoping for a tour for a while now). We're planning on eating out as a treat - any suggestions on places to eat in Greenwich would be gratefully received.

Sunday: I'm going to say a roast - possibly my slow roast pork depending on what's on offer.

So that's us, a quieter week (in theory). What meals do you turn to, when you want an easy week? 

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