Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What I wore Wednesday: attempt the first

I thought with the impending nuptials, house renovation and, of course, the bump I'd start to include a smattering of what I can only categorise as 'Lifestyle' posts. A good (and relatively easy) way into those being the blog hop/ linky post that provides you with a themed post.

It being a Wednesday, Transatlantic Blonde's What I wore Wednesday seemed a good and logical place to start. I always read Mostly Yummy Mummy's Wednesday post - mainly to lust after her shoes (I'm still obsessing over turquoise Saltwaters nearly a year after her post on the sunshine yellow ones). So I looked at what I was wearing, and the realisty of participating sank out of sight - much like my feet have done of late.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant. A significant weight loss in my first trimester has meant that despite a bump I'm not long out of my pre pregnancy clothes. But can I find anything I genuinely like as a day to day alternative? Can I hell! Today I'm sporting a pair of navy joggers (that annoyingly I managed to get paint on when carefully crawling along the skirting) a white modesty top and an oversized stripy sweater from Joules. Prior to pregnancy my tops and dresses as a rule were Pepperberry's finest and skirts and bottoms could come from wherever. Now, the focus has turned upside down - pretty much all maternity tops fit me and the rack of doom (shamelessly borrowed from Lilli) but can I find bottoms? Not a chance.

I have done some maternity shopping - a Boden sale threw up some leggings, a pretty mint Henley tunic top and a purple stripy top, a pair of maternity jeans and work trousers came from Next. But that's it. No really. Everything else is either being eeked out, stretched slightly or ignored.

So this is my call to arms really - if you're pregnant (or have been) and have an idea where one might buy some reasonably priced basics - coloured jeans, breton tops with a wide neck, comfy chinos - please let me know otherwise I'm going to scare off the baby by giving birth in a Guiding hoodie and pj bottoms. No, really.


(Mostly) Yummy Mummy said...

So glad you have decided to join in with the fun and thank you so much for the lovely mention! I love Joules and I love stripes - you look fab! I used to like Dorothy Perkins and H&M for maternity basics but I was pregnant forever ago so others might be able to offer better advice :-)

Penny Aylwin said...

Well thank you really for the inspiration to try something new. I love stripes at the moment - I am all about the breton. I actually picked up some bits yesterday in Dotty P's in a moment of madness/ inspiration and will see how they go on honeymoon! H&M seem to think I should be carrying this baby round by my knees though! Most odd :-S

Melaina25 said...

Thank for joining in! I agree H&M maternity is fab and affordable!

✰Transatlantic Blonde✰


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