Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Argentinian scarf game

A bit of a different post today - a couple of friends asked about a game we play at Guides called the Argentian scarf game. As google came up short, I thought I'd pop a quick Guiding post up to explain.

Split the girls up into teams - I do this by Patrols and as we have four, each patrol has a corner of the hall that is 'theirs'. If we had more, I'd just use points on a clock face around the hall- the girls don't need a large area to be home, just space for a line.

In the middle of the hall a necker is placed, roughly equidistant from the groups of girls

Each group stands in a line with their legs open to make a triangle, each girl behind the other. On 'go' whoever is at the front of the line runs the back and crawls through the tunnel of legs. This girl then runs/ launches herself towards the necker and whoever has it in their hand first wins. You keep going until every girl in each patrol has had a turn.

Our girls love this game, it's up there with Steal and Capture the duck as a favourite.

I have no idea where the name came from by the way... it's just one of those things I guess!

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