Monday, 3 February 2014

Meal planning Monday

I'm afraid it's a bit of a dull week here in the Pantry. I've got a hospital appointment, 2 trips out with work as well as Brownies and with that it'll easily be the weekend before I know it. which is no bad thing, but it does mean that I've needed to be organised and meals are some of our go-to favourites that I can prep in my sleep (and may just do that).

In my bid to be organised I've already done the weekly shop - M has been dispatched to collect it and our meal plan is as follows.

Breakfasts - for the first time in years I'm all about the cereal. I'm trying to ensure I get enough milk at the moment, so it's no bad thing. I'm adding a banana to start my daily bid for my 5 a day too. Scarily I've entirely gone off tea as well as coffee now so it's fruit juice all the way.

Lunches - fairly dull this week - cuppa soup and a sandwich. This is mainly owing to the amount of around and about-ing I'm doing. I have some lentil dhaal in the freezer for when I'm working from home on Friday though.


Monday - Leftover roast chicken, stuffing, veggies and baked potatoes

Tuesday - Chicken and mushroom risotto

Wednesday - leftover risotto

Thursday - Pizza

Friday - Chicken kiev, sweet potato chips and peas/ sweetcorn

Saturday - as yet unplanned. Perhaps a chilli or a curry depending on how we're feeling.

Sunday - with that in mind probably leftover chilli or curry. 

As I said, not a thrilling week but in better news a relatively cheap one, full of reliable standbys.

What does your plan look like when you know you've got little time to prep?

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