Friday, 28 February 2014

Easy breakfasts with Easiyo and Special K

 I struggle with breakfast, since falling pregnant I've completely gone off eggs, have always been a fussy mare about cereal, and can only face porridge when I'm in the mood. Yet, more than ever it's important to maintain a stable blood sugar and eat well. Over the winter I've toyed with avocado, tomatoes or peanut butter and banana on toast - good if the pb is sugar free. It's safe to say that even good sourdough does not do it for me anymore.

Last week I surprisingly (because I never win anything ever) won an Easiyo starter kit from Lakeland. To say I was excited is an understatement. I said I never win anything, and sooner than you could say 'what are you actually going to do with a litre of yoghurt' I had it measured, shaken and on the worktop, counting eagerly on my fingers to work out when it would be done.  Making yoghurt is so easy, it keeps brilliantly and is a perfect breakfast.

However a bowl of yoghurt, whilst ticking the 'good for you' box (and to my midwife's eternal relief getting that baby some calcium) isn't the world's most exciting start to the day. And this is where Special K comes in - they contacted me recently asking if I wanted to try some of their granola. And by jove I'm glad I did. Not too sweet, wonderfully crunchy and when mixed in with that home made yoghurt and some fruit, a breakfast that ticks all my boxes.

Excuse this photo - I was at the end of the packet (it's really that good) - normally the granola is much more clustery (it's a word)

What are your go to breakfasts at the moment?

If you want to see photos of step by step yoghurt making, or shots of breakfasts, be sure to pop on over to Instagram and follow me there. 

With thanks to Special K for the granola samples. All opinions are my own.

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