Monday, 4 November 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Hello, I'm back to normal at home this week and looking forward to what will hopefully be less dramatic weather wise and far superior food wise.

The cold weather has meant that it truly is porridge time for breakfasts - with apple butter at the moment. More on this in another post though.

Lunches are the leftover rice I was talking about here

Suppers - well we're having roast with M's parents on Saturday, so it's a one chicken many ways week. Much to M's disappointment I'm not going to do pie, but risotto on Monday night. I'm going to do stock in the slow cooker overnight on Sunday and use that to make a squash soup for the freezer.

Monday: Risotto

Tuesday: Leftover risotto

Wednesday: Lentil ragu

Thursday: Sausages and roasted veggies

Friday: Point and pray

Saturday: is the Guide sleepover, so probably something bolognaise esque

Sunday: I should be home early afternoon so I think lasagne

Cake this week is a chocolate beetroot cake as it's a quick and easy one for me to knock up.

That's eat for us this week - don't forget to hop on over to At home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to

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