Monday, 7 October 2013

Meal planning Monday: have you seen my kitchen?

It's the first Monday since we've moved that I've felt like I could legitimately meal plan. We've eaten a lot of pasta so far. An awful lot. However, amid the boxes (nearly all of which are unpacked), the painting (outside only at the moment in a bid to weatherproof) and of course the migraine inducing kitchen and bathrooms something akin to order has started to descend. As with all new homebuyers, money is going to be tight for a while, not least as the house is taking great pleasure in waiting for us to sit down, one of us to say "well we're really starting to get somewhere" before flinging something which needs immediate and serious attention right in the middle of our path. Epic.

What else is one to do when surrounded by chaos but make some kind of order out of it. Not necessarily any conventional kind of order, but order nonetheless.

Breakfasts - I've come over all conventional on my breakfasts and have been having weetabix with a banana.

Lunches - The temperature dropped and like that *snaps fingers* I switched back to soup. I've got one portion of lentil left and then I'll need to make some more.


Monday - Pantry pasta

Tuesday - Chicken chow mein. Loosely based on this recipe from Chinese cooking made simple, but with added veg to make it go further and do 4 portions

Wednesday - Leftovers

Thursday - Omlettes with mushroom, cheese, bacon and any veggies I can find lurking in the fridge

Friday - Either lentil ragu, which I batch cooked and froze last week, or hopefully it's out of my hands as we're going to pop over to my sister's to talk weddings.

Next weekend will herald pot roasted brisket - photos and recipe too with any luck. 

So that's it - nothing much exciting, but it is a meal plan.  Now I just remember to have to join and link up over at At home with Mrs M.

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kitchen princess said...

Houses. Never ending or so it feels. We need to get ours ready for sale. For every thing I fix I seem to spot more to do. Hope you get things shipshape soon.


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