Monday, 19 August 2013

Meal Planning Monday - a freezer audit

When I graduated, attention to detail was not my forte - 14 years and countless admin roles, holidays to New York, and one Guide unit later it turns out you can teach yourself attention to detail and it's an utterly vital skill.

It turns out skills honed looking for one person in 600 who you know should have an NVQ but who for some reason isn't coming out on Business Objects actually come into their own when one is getting organised. This meant last night was spent sat in front of the freezer, notebook in hand, auditing the contents. The list (yes it's a spreadsheet) looks like this: 

Item Amount Notes
Yorkshire puddings 1 packet 4
White finger rolls 1 packet 6
Sloes for gin 1 tupperware  
Prawn biryani 1 tupperware  
Bolognaise 1 tupperware  
Garlic doughballs 1 packet 12
Potato wedges 1 packet 3/4 left
Fajita wraps 2 packets  
Higgidy steak pie 1 Serves 2
Peas 2 packets  
Sausages (loose) 3  
Part baked baguettes 1 packet 2
Chicken breasts 4  
Grated courgettes 2 lots  
Sausagemeat   200g
Diced courgette 1 lot  
Pork sausages 3 packets  
Carnitas 1 tupperware  
Sweetcorn 1 packet  
Stewing steak 1 peice  
Braised red cabbage 4 portions  
Frozen chips 1 packet tiny portion
5 baby croissants    
Toffee ice cream 1 tub  
Split pea soup 1 tupperware  
Cooked chicken 2 tupperwares  
Fishcakes 3  
Pesto 1 tupperware  

That was a slightly longer list than (my clearly tardis like freezer was hiding) I was hoping for. Still, not to be dissuaded, I've done a meal plan that spans the coming 3 weeks and will hopefully use most things up. It should mean that we only really need fruit and vegetables, and aside from 3 loaves of banana bread that will go into the freezer as food for the supporting troops - there is a veto on buying anything to go inside. 

This week's mealplan is a short one as I'm off to Wellies and Wristbands on Thursday with 10 of my Guides. 

Breakfasts: Summer porridge for me, with very overripe chopped banana

Lunches: M is having ham baguettes this week (check off those part-baked baguettes), I'm having home made aubergine houmous either with warmed up fajitas or veggies 


Monday: Sausages, baked sweet potato, sweetcorn, peas and braised red cabbage

Tuesday: Pasta bolognaise and garlic doughballs for M, Prawn biryani for me

Wednesday: Leftovers of the above for us both

Thursday: Fishcakes and salad for me. Pasta pesto for M

Wish me luck as we embark on our mammoth freezer clean out - hopefully in three weeks it'll be emptied, defrosted and gleaming

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